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Goldi S.H. Chan

Certified QT Level 1 & 2 Instructor & Practitioner


Hong Kong

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852 6614 1416 Whatsapp


[email protected]

興趣多多的我,這一年感到很充實,人生到老也學不完,原來還有很多的東西很有趣,宇宙真的很奇妙,愛是能量,能量就是愛和光,籍著爸爸的病,啟發了我,多年沒有上堂的我...再次踏上學習的道路,縱使再忙再忙,但這一切都很值得,哈哈,還未完的,會繼續提升這方面的能力!? 這些時間替很多朋友,家人,老人家和有需要的人處理和療癒她們不同的問題:多年痛症...情緒... 等等,原來都跟能量有著密切的關係,多謝你們的信任,(因為神奇在於不用見面也可以實行), 看到你們有好轉,告訴我已經沒事了,我感到很滿足和感恩,明白到世界有無限的可能性。 I am a person with multiple interests and feel very fulfilling this year, there is no end for learning and still many interesting things out there, the universe is mysterious and wonderful, love is energy, the energy is love and light. Inspired by my father’s illness, therefore once again I embarked the road of learning even I am too busy with endless of work, but I will continue to improve my ability. These days I have healed many friends, my husband, family, especially elderly and people in need to treat, the people who already get used to with their chronical pain and emotional problems, it turns out that these problems are dates back to long time ago, I am appreciate the trust from everyone that I healed, seeing them significantly getting better and telling me their problems went away, that’s give me encouragements to go on to explore and understand that the world has unlimited opportunities.

Whatsapp : +852 6614 1416

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