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Renay Turner


British Columbia, V8X1C2

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[email protected]

Renay has always had an interest in alternative healings and the mystical side of life.  In 2013 she was blessed to discover Quantum Touch and its method of natural healing that works with the Life Force Energy of the body.  Once she experienced her first session of Quantum Touch, she knew her life was going to change.  Renay has always been drawn to studying and practicing the metaphysical laws governing the universe, and was always searching for that perfect alternative healing method.  She was drawn to Quantum Touch for its simplicity and effectiveness. It flows and operates freely through any time, place, or situation, with the pure intention and heart-felt recognition of a Universal life force that communicates and heals on a quantum level. Renay is a lover of art and does mosaic art work and garden art during her spare time. She travels with her husband on their motorcycles, and she also loves children and animals, and spending time in her garden with her dog, her cat and the neighborhood crows.
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