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Diane Gray

Certified Practitioner


Rising Energy

United States

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My Journey to Quantum-Touch

I became interested in alternative healing methods after surgery that left an incredible amount of scar tissue and pain in my foot.  I taught barefoot for over a year and prayed those little ones would not step on me. I came across Quantum-Touch and took the Level 1 course in 2006, via VHS.  I thought I was too busy to earn the required practice hours. I did, however, use my newfound skills on my daughters' sports teams.  They didn't always win, LOL, but they did not get hurt either. I pursued Practitioner Certification beginning in 2021 after receiving sessions (for a back fracture) and encouragment from Lisa Rapino.

Local clients say they immediately feel relaxed when they step into my house.  Each time, I am amazed by QT's interactions and results.  One client said he was not sure what to expect, if anything.  He has requested several more sessions since he felt results the first time.

I volunteer at the local Senior Center Thrift Store.  I seem to spend more time running energy on other volunteers than actually working.  They do not seem to mind. The more I do for others, the more I get for myself. It's a Win-Win!

Thanks to ZOOM and FaceTime, sessions can be done near and far.  I hope to meet you, in person or virtually. I would be honored to be a part of YOUR journey back to a happy life.



Quantum-Touch Level 1   2006

Quantum-Touch Level 1   2021

Supercharging                  2021

Quantum-Touch Level 2   2022

Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner   August 28, 2022 



A seventh grade boy was covered with large viral rashes on his torso, legs and arms.  His legs were itching and bothering him.  My husband was driving, so I sat back and ran energy for about an hour. I borrowed Jennifer Taylor's idea of imagining lightly rubbing a Magic Eraser over his body.  When I checked in with his mother later in the day, she said the rash was completely gone and that he was up and watching football.

A fellow Thrift Store worker pinched her arm between two wooden hangers. She had a red scratch that was quite tender and bruising.  I applied Quantum-Touch to her arm for 45-60 seconds.  It stopped hurting, the redness was reduced and the brusing had stopped. Even though I have used QT on her before, she was amazed at how quickly it worked for that situation.

My friend Peggy has a rescue cat named Jemma. Jemma has terrible stranger aniexty.  She hides from anyone that comes into the house. She doesn't reappear until the company has left.  My friend rated the anxiety at 9 or 10.  I sent Jemma energy on Friday. There were no visitors on Saturday. On Sunday, she initally ran off as though she was going to hide.  However, she actually came out quickly and jumped up to her feeding place.  Soon, she let the visitor pet and scratch her. She stuck around wanting attention the whole time Peggy's friend was there. Amazing.

My sister and I drove 5,000 miles on a trip to visit relatives this fall (2023). She asked me to run energy on her wrists when they got sore and on her eyes when they started to get tired and scratchy.  She was driving. I wasn't running energy while I was drving. LOL.







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