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Hazuki Tokuue



Dr. Monte Hessler - Team Chiropractor

Arizona, 85004
United States

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[email protected]

Hazuki is a Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner and a Licensed and National Board Certified Massage Therapist. She has received education in various modalities of Massage Therapy, and later on expanded her horizon to include energy work. When she discovered Quantum-Touch, she thought she had found a “perfect match” to supplement her already developing massage therapy practice. “I believe combining both aspects of healing arts and science can bring great results to my clients. Both intuitive work and knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology are the key elements in my practice,” Hazuki says. Quantum-Touch has brought versatility to her sessions, and she has witnessed greater release of emotional and physical tensions and improvement in chronic pains and conditions.

Hazuki also has passion for working with animals, believing that energy work has the positive impact on animals just as it does on humans.

“My focus and passion always resides in helping people to improve their health in natural ways and promoting wellness and a sense of well-being. Regardless what type of modality I am incorporating into my session, a good heart and good intentions are always the most important elements in my session.” Born and raised in Japan, she is fluent in Japanese and English. Hazuki strongly believes in the healing powers of Quantum-Touch, and she invites you to share in the wonderful benefits of its energy healing powers.

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