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Dave Patrick


2 Barrogill Terrace Acre Street Nairn
Scotland, IV12 4AF
United Kingdom

Contact Information


0780 302 4461


[email protected]



I am based in Nairn in a beautiful part of the Highlands of Northern Scotland, situated midway between Inverness and Findhorn. My development towards becoming a healing practitioner has been very much a part of my own healing journey and on the way I have investigated and studied a variety of healing approaches.

As soon as I became aware of Quantum-Touch I knew intuitively it was the path of energy healing practice I wished to follow and I haven't been disappointed! Running energy is such a pure and natural form of healing and what until relatively recently were seen as "miracles" of healing are now taking place on an everyday basis.

What Quantum-Touch has done for me is to provide a focus for what I really want to do in life, enabling me to see what really matters. And the great thing is that Quantum-Touch principles embody the spirit of what it means to be human:  love, intention and service to others.

I know that I am now on my authentic path and continue to be very excited and privileged about using the power of Quantum-Touch for positive purposes in both healing and facilitating enhanced performance and accelerated injury recovery in the sports and creative/ performing arts fields.


In addition to being a Certified QT Practitioner I am also a writer with the following books published to date: 'The View: From Conan Doyle to Conversations With God' (2009), 'The View Beyond: Sir Francis Bacon - Alchemy, Science, Mystery' (2011) and 'The Cathar View: The Mysterious Legacy of Montsegur' (2012), details at www.polairpublishing.co.uk.

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