Annabel Hall's Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop

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Pre-registration rate:
400.00 USD
Full registration rate:
480.00 USD
Note: Prices do not include tax. For Pre-Registered Pricing, please register 21 or more calendar days before workshop.
March 6, 2020 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
March 7, 2020 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Annabel Hall Private home
1702 W. Natal Ave.
Mesa, Arizona 85202 United States
Phone: 602-326-1361
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Annabel Hall
Phone: 602-326-1361

About Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop

Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshops offers everyone an important building block to learning the entire Quantum-Touch system. Whether you simply want to learn how to heal yourself and care for your friends and family, or if you work as a health care professional wishing to expand your skills, Level 1 Workshops will teach you a wealth of Quantum-Touch techniques.

By taking a Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop, you will be on your way to becomming a QT Practitioner, you can earn approved CE hours and you will learn how to transform life-force energy into a lifetime of healing.


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Additional Information:

Friday and Saturday March 6th and 7th LIVE BASIC


IMPROVED! Additionally, Color printed Student Manual included!

Quantum Touch Instructor, Annabel Hall, invites you to experience the life

changing, natural healing modality, Quantum Touch.  Whether your intention

is to help heal yourself, family and friends, or to incorporate this incredible

process into your current practice as a Health Care Professional, this is a

work that can change your life!   

I am also qualified, as a Quantum-Touch instructor for

Massage Therapists and Hypnotherapists needing CE hours.

  Learning this method of energy healing is a fun way to get

13 CE hours in addition to helping you with your clients.

Alternative Medicine Magazine notes: “Quantum Touch is a significant

breakthrough in hands on-healing…an essential and invaluable skill for every

lay person and professional practitioner.”  

You will personally learn how to use life force energy to move bones back

into alignment, raise immune system function, bring down pain levels, as

well as assist in balancing emotions.  

Highlights of Quantum Touch include:

* based in simplicity: anyone can learn it, anyone can do it!

*can be done anywhere, anytime without the need for equipment or   treatment rooms.  

*allows us to provide healing energy to ourselves and others.

*uses relaxed hands and body; no force is needed to do the work.

*can be done hands-on or at a distance, across space and time.

*can be used to boost other healing techniques or as a stand-alone modality

*can be used by novices and experienced practitioners alike.

  Location:  1702 W. Natal Ave. Mesa, AZ  85202 

 Date Friday and Saturday March 6th & 7th

Time: From 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in Mesa, AZ.

Registration:  $400  for those paying up to 21 days before

the class and $480 for those paying less than 21 days

before the class.  For those repeating the live workshop

and/or for children 18 or younger, the class fee is $240.A

registered adult must always attend the workshop with

anyone younger than 19. I will need proof that you have

attended a different Level 1 workshop, in order to give the

discount.  I prefer check or cash but will accept payment

through pay-pal by credit or debit card. Quantum Touch

sets the fee schedule


.  I look forward to meeting and working with you soon.

Checks or money orders can be mailed to:  Annabel Hall 1702 W. Natal Ave.

Mesa, AZ 85202 Contact:  Annabel Hall 602-326-1361

or to RSVP your place in the class. Please Note:

  Class size is limited to 10 participants.  Dress comfortable and if you have

any physical needs that require you to eat more frequently than the

designated times for lunch.

  If you are interested in a private group workshop, I will be glad to work

with you and your schedule and hold a private workshop on a different date.

A minimum of 4 students will be needed for private training.

Participants in classes taught by Annabel have noted: 

"Your gentleness, kindness and loving way made me feel welcomed as you

taught the class.  Through your encouragement I was able to "step outside

myself" and do all the breathing techniques and tones."    

"I'm more confident with the breath work because we spent a lot of time

and emphasis on it, and it was great to experience for myself being


"Hearing your examples was very helpful. I like how the class was broken up

step by step."