Exciting News! We have a new Level 1!

Quantum-Touch Level 1 Instructor Training

Although we love Quantum-Touch as it has been taught in recent years, many of our instructors and students have asked for more:

  • expanded practice sessions
  • clear descriptions on topics such as “Quantum” or “new paradigm”
  • exercises and explanations that respond to the current needs of our community
  • support materials for students
  • training for all Level 1 instructors

We have taken the suggestions to heart and have come up with a new Level 1 and a new series of support tools for our students and instructors. It has taken almost a year to complete, but the materials are now ready. We are eager to share the new Level 1 with our Quantum-Touch community!

Level 1 Workshop Updates

The Level 1 Workshop updates take us back to our Quantum-Touch roots in a simpler yet more powerful way. Additional material from Richard’s original classes, talks and demonstrations have been infused into the class. There are also powerful new exercises and guided meditations. The class itself is one hour longer (30 minutes each day) which allows students more time to practice their skills and deepen their healing. We have also structured topics differently to make learning them both easier and more fun.

Miriam and Henri with Quantum-Touch Level 1 instructors at the Level 1 training in Hong Kong


Level 1 Manuals!

We now have official Level 1 Student and Instructor Manuals.

The Student Manual is 40 pages, printed in full color, and is a great tool for learning both during the class and after. Each student in the new Level 1 class will receive one. The manual provides a clear outline of techniques and important principles, with familiar illustrations from Richard Gordon’s book Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal. New images have also been included (depicting bones or hand placement, for ex.) Plus, there are guidelines for easy reference when practicing or receiving Quantum-Touch.

The Instructor Manual has 130 pages of guidelines, descriptions and illustrations in full color, and a FAQ section at the end that responds to students’ most common concerns. The Instructor Manual brings together material from Richard’s Level 1 book Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal , his lectures, and notes from classroom presentations. This is the comprehensive text that instructors will now use when teaching Level 1.

In order for our Level 1 instructors to be comfortable with the new materials and ready to teach the revised Level 1 class, we will be training all instructors worldwide. Once instructors have completed this training, they will be able to teach the new Level 1 class.

Why Training ?

In the beginning, because we wanted Quantum-Touch to be accessible to everyone, Quantum-Touch, Inc. allowed Level 1 instructors to be certified with minimum training. Since Quantum-Touch was based in simplicity, we thought it would be easy for instructors to teach. That was 20 years ago, and since that time, Quantum-Touch has expanded into a global community. It is now taught in over 25 countries and 15+ languages.

As Quantum-Touch grew, we began asking for and receiving feedback from our students. Many classes were taught well, but increasingly we began to hear about discrepancies in coursework. Classes would be very different from teacher to teacher, location to location. In addition, instructors began asking for more support. We discovered that while Quantum-Touch may be simple to practice, it is not always easy to teach!

To make sure future Quantum-Touch instructors were confident and competent when teaching Level 1, in 2013 Quantum-Touch Inc. created a mentor program for instructor candidates. It was developed by three of our most experienced Level 1 instructors (Miriam Hunter, Marlene Campbell and Henri Rand Furgiuele) and has been very successful.

But what about all the existing Level 1 instructors worldwide? Many have been teaching Quantum-Touch for years. Organizationally, we wanted to offer support to these amazing individuals who are such a valued part of our community.

  • First: We began group conference calls via Skype held every other week. Any certified instructor of Quantum-Touch can join. These calls bring together instructors from all over the world and provide a forum for policy discussion, sharing ideas or inspirational stories about Quantum-Touch. Jennifer Taylor and Anna Shevtsova are usually on the call, as well as other long-time instructors.
  • Second: We created comprehensive written materials. All instructors and students of Level 1 will now have the same materials, worldwide: the official Student and Instructor Manuals outlining course content in the practice and teaching of Quantum-Touch.
  • Third: We are holding training sessions for all Level 1 instructors worldwide. To prepare our current Level 1 instructors to teach the revised Level 1 workshop format, and to make sure they are comfortable with the new materials, we are holding training sessions around the globe. These training sessions provide hands-on experience with new exercises and concepts, and allow our instructors to meet with other instructors worldwide.
  • Fourth: Continuing education for all our instructors. The training sessions also provide an opportunity for instructors to discuss ANY workshop topic. Familiar curriculum topics can often become revitalized when described in new or different ways. This also helps us eliminate gaps in course content. Students can now have a consistently wonderful experience in Level 1, no matter where they take the class.

We held trainings in March 2016 and will continue training worldwide through the end of 2016. Our plan is to have all Level 1 Instructors ready to teach the updated Level 1 by January 2017.

Check the schedule of workshops for a 2017 Level 1 near you. You will want to experience the newly revised Level 1!!

Please continue reading to learn more:

We are eager to have you begin teaching the revised format for Level 1 and using the new materials but before that can occur, you need to attend a 6-hour renewal training. This mandatory training will cover all the new materials and information that Richard is asking us to implement for the Level 1 Program.

Henri and Miriam conducting the Level 1 training in Hong Kong. Richard stopped by to surprise the instructors. (Elizabeth Kwok, co-liaison for the Chinese community, interpreted for everyone)


Official Level 1 Instructor and Student Manuals

As mentioned above, the official Instructor Manual is the comprehensive text that instructors will now use when teaching Level 1.

The new official 130-page color Instructor Manual makes it easier for you to teach and promote your Level 1 classes. The Instructor Manual will have an overview of material and exercises to be covered each day. There are guidelines and directions for presenting key topics. New illustrations make it easy to identify hand placement and anatomy, and there is a section that provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in Level 1.

The new Student Manual will be the only handout students receive in a Level 1 Quantum-Touch class. There will be one official translation of the manual per language. This means that all students - wherever they take Level 1 Quantum-Touch - will have the same class content, the same illustrations, and the same printed materials. This adds consistency to the program, and increases the professionalism of Quantum-Touch.


In order to maintain your instructor certification for Level 1, you must attend the 6-hour training session offered by Quantum-Touch, Inc. THIS IS REQUIRED FOR ALL INSTRUCTORS OF LEVEL 1. Training must be completed by the end of 2016 if you are to continue teaching Level 1 Quantum-Touch.

Level 1 Training

Find a Level 1 Training!

Level 1 instructors are required to attend a six-hour training with the authors of the new Level 1 Instructor and Student Manuals: Henri Rand Furgiuele and Miriam Hunter.

Miriam Hunter
Henri Rand Furgiuele

Benefits of the Level 1 Training

  • A one-day event: fly in and out with no hotel....It will usually be held during the week so that teachers can fly in and out on the same day (eliminating the need for hotels) and NOT on weekends when you might normally schedule a workshop.
  • Level 1 trainings begin in June. Quantum-Touch will schedule trainings in various cities around the world.
  • Level 1 Trainings include MENTORING.  You will not only learn about the changes in format, you can also ask Henri or  Miriam to teach various topics, and have other questions answered as well.
  • Level 1 Trainings give you support from the community. You can meet and connect with other QT instructors, helping build a community of colleagues. This invites collaboration and expansion. It is HUGELY inspirational and motivating.
  • The cost for the Level 1 training is 200 US$, payable to Quantum-Touch. Travel to and from the training is additional. These expenses are tax deductible for most instructors.
  • All trainings are conducted in English Some locations (in Europe and/or Asia, for example, will have professional interpretation available (French, Dutch, Chinese)


Tokyo instructor training with a surprise visit from Jennifer Taylor and Richard Gordon. Richard, Jennifer, Miriam Hunter, Henri Rand Furgiuele, and Meg Peterson (liaison for the Japanese community and interpreter for the event).


Find a Level 1 Training!


Based on our recent sessions in Hong Kong and Tokyo, the Level 1 trainings offer depth and support. We not only have the advantage of meeting other instructors in person (which in itself is amazing), techniques are demonstrated live with touch when we are all in one room.   We can experience exercises in full.

Above all, these trainings can shift resonance and add new vitality in your workshops. Instructors who attended the training sessions in Asia this spring found their enthusiasm soar! Everyone present felt their love and excitement build. We could all feel it in the room. Instructors made friends, shared stories and left eager to share Quantum-Touch with their students in this new way.

If you would like to host a training in your area, contact Henri This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Miriam This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Miriam, Henri and Meg with the Japan Level 1 instructors present for the training in Tokyo. Richard and Jennifer also stopped by!


Anna Shevtsova

(pronounced:Shevt SO va)

Anna has been Director of the Quantum-Touch Level 1 Instructor Program for almost 10 years. Having advanced degrees in applied mathematics and experience in science research, when she dis-covered Quantum-Touch, she was amazed at all that it can do. She thinks Quantum-Touch should be taught everywhere, because she has seen it benefit people in so many ways! Anna usually works Monday through Friday, so if you call during that time, you can often speak with her directly. She is eager to hear from the Level 1 teaching community.

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Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer is the CEO (otherwise known as the "Chief Magical Officer") of Quantum-Touch, Inc. She dedicates her life work to helping people just like you discover the healing power of love. She has been the CEO of Quantum-Touch since 2002 and oversees the Level 2 program as well. She facilitates the group instructor calls held every other week where the latest directions in policy and programs are discussed.

She is also the co-host of LA Talk Radio. And she recently launch her new book: Love, Incorporated: The Business of Doing What You Love. For more information about Love Incorporated and free business tools, please go to www.loveincorporatedthebook.com

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Henri Rand Furgiuele

(pronounced: HEN-ree RAND FUR-jewel)

Henri learned Quantum-Touch from founder Richard Gordon in 1997 and immediately began organizing his East Coast US classes for the next two years. In 1999 she became certified as a Quantum-Touch practitioner and instructor and has taught over 6000 students worldwide. She has an office in Hawaii and teaches in Asia (Japan, China, S. Korea) , Australia and throughout the US. She heads the Curriculum Development Department for Quantum-Touch, Inc.

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Miriam Hunter

Miriam studied with Richard Gordon and has been active with Quantum-Touch since 2004. In addition to working with clients, teaching and mentoring, Miriam has been working with Quantum-Touch Headquarters on curriculum and program development since 2010. Miriam has her offices in the Intuitive Wellness Center located in Virginia just outside of Washington, DC. She works with clients locally and remotely. Miriam teaches and mentors locally, nationally and internationally.

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