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Lynne Oliver


Qinection Therapy

West Midlands
United Kingdom

Contact Information


+44 1926 289003


[email protected]

Hi, my name is Lynne and I am the first Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner in Warwickshire.

I first became interested in 'helping people to feel better' while I was studying body massage and Indian head massage as part of an NVQ Beauty Therapy course at Warwickshire College from 2003-2004.  I quickly decided I wasn't interested in the beauty side of things but got a lot more pleasure from clients coming into college stressed and leaving relaxed because of something I had done!

Since then, I have qualified as a Reiki Practitioner, an EFT Level 3 Practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and lastly but definitely not least a Level 2 Quantum Touch Practitioner.

While doing my case studies to gain qualification, I have witnessed some fantastic results with clients.  One lady managed to reduce her thyroxine medication for the first time in 7 years.  I helped another lady to achieve pain-free hips after years of discomfort so she can now ride her horse comfortably again.  The following quote is from somebody who has been suffering from arthritis since childhood and whose atlas and axis bones in the neck have fused -

"I am totally amazed by what happened in the session and very grateful to you - nobody has ever been able to get anything close to that before!"

I have only recently gained my qualification to Level 2 (April 2012) but I'm excited by the results so far.


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