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Heather Laws

Physician Assistant, Quantum Touch Practitioner


Forever Diligent

Texas, 75165
United States

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[email protected]

Hello all!

Welcome and congraulations for being open to Quantum Touch and Energy Medicine. This is a safe space for any and all questions. 

Lets get right to it. I am an Emergency Medicine trained Physician Assistant that came to find Quantum Touch in October 2019. It was actually recommended to my husband and I from our Lymphatic Enhancement Therapist as an adjunct to alternative medicine for our children. At the time, I was in a job that was causing great physical/emotional/mental stressors in addition to chaotic home life. My first class just so happened to land on the only Saturday and Sunday that I had off work that month (divine timing, absolutely). My Western Medicine mind was very skeptical because I needed hard science evidence. Let me tell you. I was a believer after the first time I ran energy. What came from this first class was a cascade of events and feelings that are only explainable by God and the Angels. 

By the end of October 2019 (about 3 weeks after my first class), I had turned in my notice and accepted 2 positions for as needed work that would allow me to make my own schedule. I went from working 26 days a month to working 12-15 days and being much more financially stable. My job is still in evolution as I am feeling drawn to other medical practices through Quantum Touch. I can't begin to explain the joy I experience through this work.

Now, on to the most important testimony I can possibly express. My husband and I have 3 wonderfully gifted children. Two boys and a girl. My boys were both offically diagnosed with Autism in early 2019, although I had suspected and started navigating the process well before then. I was initially disapppointed in Western Medicine's approach to this diagnosis, but have since realized that it is just not something people understand. Autism has many "arms" that need to be addressed and regulated. Quantum Touch work has been a staple in creating a welcoming and safe environment for our kids. My oldest son was barely verbal and my youngest was non-verbal upon starting this work. Notice how I say "WAS". They are no longer in those categories. My oldest son, in fact, will lose his diagnosis if we have him retested and my youngest son is following in his brother's footsteps. If you were directed to my profile, I would absolutely love to chat more indepth about energy and Autism. If I had to give you one piece of advice, it would be to let go of the past and the things you did or "should have" done and let go of the outcome for the future. We all do what we think is best at the time for our kids and the future could turn out far greater than what you expect so don't limit yourself! Also, not to leave out our baby girl, but she is the cutest little fairy princess that we all needed and she will continue to be the perfect caboose to our family. 

Quantum Touch has allowed me to understand my own energy which is one of the most important aspects of helping the people around you. I am well versed in Autism and ADHD but am willing and able to attend to all needs. My Western Medicine background allows for me to see things in a different light and understanding as well. 

If you feel so inclined to converse further with me, please reach out via phone, text or email! I would love to chat.

Love and Light,

Heather Laws

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