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Asha Carolyn Young

Quantum-Touch Practitioner


Asha Carolyn Young Energy Work

46200 Fish Rock Rd. Gualala
California, 95445
United States

Contact Information


707-380-6251 cell

Whether in-person or remote to anywhere in the world, I welcome you to experience Quantum-Touch with me.

During sessions, I intuitively integrate Quantum-Touch modalities to direct life force energy to you through hands, breath, heart-field, sight, toning, and focused consideration. You relax and receive this energy, allowing you and your body to engage in healing.  

Courses in Quantum-Touch, decades of meditation, yoga practice, channeling, reading of a broad range of spiritual books, and association with many kinds of energy healers and spiritualists -- all inspired me to practice energy work to promote healing. My studies include:

·            -- Quantum-Touch courses: Q-T Level 1 (twice); Q-T Level 2; and Supercharging

·            -- “Yin” and “Wonder Method” healing modalities as taught by Tyler Odysseus

·            -- Theravada Buddhist Samadhi meditation studied while in Thailand

·            -- Theravada Buddhist Samadhi meditation as taught by the late master, Phra Dhammamongkolyarn (Luangphor Viriyang Sirintharo) via the   Wellness Institute, Canada and Los Angeles

·            -- Laying-on-of-hands training with the late Joseph Martinez (San Francisco)

·            -- Orin & Daben's audio course, "Awakening Your Light Body" ; Robert Monroe's Monroe Institute retreat to facilitate out-of-body experience 

·            -- The Robert Monroe and the Institute of Noetic Sciences retreat at Coos Bay, Oregon to facilitate out-of-body experiences

·            -- “A Course in Miracles” Workbook 

I grew up in Thailand and Laos and have lived in California since high school years. Professionally, I've been a writer, teacher, publisher and painter. Now my focus is helping you to boost healing and happiness!

To book an appointment, call or text me at: 707-380-6251








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