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Asha Carolyn Young


Asha Carolyn Healing Arts

P.O. Box 353 Gualala
California, 95445
United States

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707-380-6251 cell & text


[email protected]

Quantum-Touch is gentle, playful, and effective – in-person, as well as remote to wherever you are in the world. I welcome you to try it out with me.

During energy sessions, I integrate Quantum-Touch modalities by intuitively and joyfully sending life force energy to you through hands, breath, heart-field, sight, toning, and focused consideration. 

Several decades of vipassana meditation, yoga practice, channeling, broad spiritual reading, and association with energy healers and spiritualists prepped me for doing energy work. My formal studies include:

·      Quantum-Touch courses: Q-T Level 1 (twice); Q-T Level 2; Supercharging

·      “Yin” and “Wonder Method” healing modalities with Tyler Odysseus

·      Vipassana meditation training in Thailand 

·      Laying-on-of-hands training with the late Joseph Martinez (San Francisco)

·      Orin & Daben's audio course, "Awakening Your Light Body"  

I grew up in Thailand and Laos and have lived in California since high school. Professionally, I've been a writer, publisher, teacher, and painter. Now, I enjoy helping people boost their healing and happiness.

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Call or text me at 707-380-6251; or email [email protected]