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Jack Lyons

Instructor / Practitioner


814 Morton Line Cavan
Ontario, L0A 1C0

Contact Information




[email protected]

I have involved myself with many healing modalities in order to relieve the pain from numerous injuries related to accidents and sports. I found temporary relief from a near fatal motorcycle accident, years driving stock car and participation in various other sports. The relief gradually diminished and I would be back for another treatment, more medication or any combination thereof. 

My experience with Quantum-Touch was both unsolicited and unexpected. I received an e-mail invitation to attend a basic workshop. I usually delete unknown mail but this time I read and reread it many times until I finally called and went to the free introductory offer. I was impressed. At the end of the evening I thanked the instructor and informed her I had plans to golf on the weekend and would not be attending the workshop. 

The next morning I picked up my cheque book, walked past my golf clubs and left for the Quantum-Touch Basic Workshop. I questioned the sanity of my decision but never considered turning back. 

I was an enthusiastic participant and soon realized that my shoulder and hip problems had disappeared completely. I had endured years of pain and discomfort and without knowing how or when, it simply melted away and never returned. Quantum-Touch is the only lasting relief I have ever experienced. 

My decision to become a practitioner is due to my personal experience and the positive results as I worked with others. I am amazed and delighted with the results. What an incredible experience and I nearly missed it all.
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