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Renée Morris



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I am Renée, certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner and founder of Oceanica: where all healing is self-healing.  Following their sessions with me, clients have reported relief from pain, improved sleep, emotional release, deep relaxation, boosted energy, clarity of mind, reduced anxiety, inexplicable optimism, and an overall sense of joyful wellbeing.  Join me in the exciting exploration of the powerful and self-empowering world of quantum energy healing! 

To book a distance or in-person session with me, simply click the link to my website and then click 'BOOK NOW' on the main page.

I have been a passionate self-directed explorer of the frontiers of my mind, body, and soul for as long as I can remember, and an enthusiastic advocate of self-healing.  I love feeling vibrant, healthy, and happy.  I use Quantum-Touch combined with the gift of second sight to support my clients from all over the world in finding relief from physical and emotional issues, in rediscovering their vibrant life-force energy, and in taking full responsibility for their own healing and happiness.

I also offer program in energetics - applying the principle of energy healing to life.  This is powerful ajd transformational work.

I am delighted to work with you!

Much love,



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