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Julianne Knowlton

Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer and Certified Chakra Healer


Quantum Energy Healing Arts LLC

United States

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My name is Julianne Knowlton. My friends call me Julie. I am a wife, a mom of 2 human kids, and a mom of 2 furry kids. I am also a Quantum-Touch Practitioner, a Certified Crystal Healer, and a Certified Chakra Healer.

Before I began Quantum-Touch,and working with crystals, I worked in many customer service positions. The common thread of these jobs was my ability to work with the public. Customers seemed to be comfortable talking to me.

Fast forward past those customer service days, and we come to my loss of a job that was a COMPLETE shock to everyone in our workplace. The building had sold, and they wanted us out and fast! So, with little other than some college courses, and a bunch of experience working with the public, it dawned on me...I was always trying to "fix" people's problems at work, and was deeply involved in their pain. I wanted a way to help them, that was more than just some encouraging words...Here we are at my "A-Ha!" moment. It was then that I realized that this amazing energy healing modality, called Quantum-Touch, could help others at such a deep level, It creates an atmosphere for healing that promotes natural pathways to better overall health. Holistic healing was always appealing to me, and continues to be my first choice with many ailments.

My beginning sessions of Quantum-Touch, brought one client with stage 4 cancer, complete pain relief for 4 hours. She was finally able to sleep! She would call me every time she needed rest. The texts that I received from her, thanking me for what I was able to do for her, brought me to tears. She hadn’t actually slept in weeks! Her pain was a constant “10”, and her cancer had spread throughout her entire body. The fact that I was able to give this poor soul a few hours of uninterrupted, pain free sleep, was incredible! If Quantum-Touch could provide pain relief for this client with such severe pain; imagine what it could do for the general population.

A few other memorable clients were my remote clients. Even miles away (sometimes thousands of miles), clients would report that they could “feel me” touching their head or feet, and reported warmth, movement of muscles, gentle electricity-like sensations, and some also “saw” colors, and/or lights. During “practice” sessions, I would document everything I was doing and at what time, so that I could see if the client had similar results. Both my in person sessions, and my remote sessions had the same outcome...They felt the sensations, they saw the colors and lights, and they ALL felt at least a bit better than when they arrived or called me. All pain numbers went down, and to be honest, we were all surprised how powerful sessions could be across the miles! My favorite responses were “Oh my God. You freaked me out!” (with how much this client could feel being so far away), and “I felt your hands like they were actually on my head”. One of my favorite texts was from a male skeptic stating “Holy S#*%. My back and hip feel great!” The skeptics are the most fun, I have to admit!

Many people ask me how this can work. I only know that Quantum-Touch practitioners use life-force energy, breathing techniques, and body awareness. The rest is a mystery to me. With results like I have seen, do we really need to know why it works? If you let yourself trust in the process, that is fundamental Quantum-Touch, you may just be surprised at what amazing things we can accomplish together! If you are ready to open yourself up to amazing healing possibilities , I would be happy to take the journey with you!

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