Solid Silver Pendant

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Solid Silver Pendant

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Introducing the Quantum-Touch Solid Silver Pendant!... See more below >
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A New Product and A Major Discovery

From Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum-Touch...

I’ve been rather quiet for some time now since I’ve been occupied with the next evolution of Quantum-Touch. I’ve made an major discovery this year that will open us up to a whole new range of possibilities for energy healing. As of this date, I’ve run 56 unique experiments to explore the lawfulness of this discovery, and I guarantee that the results will be as shocking, surprising and exciting to you as they have been to me.

Introducing the Quantum-Touch Pendant

One of the new discoveries is a way to infuse energy/intent into objects. We can charge objects with life-force energy, and they not only hold the charge, but can be used to relieve pain, accelerate healing, and much more.

Your pendant is linked (entangled) with all the other Quantum-Touch pendants, and it contains the best energy from Richard Gordon and our practitioners and instructors. How will you know that they really work? If you touch someone with one of the pendants, it will instantly untwist their occipital and pelvic torsion. (Remember in Quantum-Touch how you can align a person’s hips?) Now you can do it without running energy. You can hold it to your throat for two minutes and your singing voice will sound more clear. You can place a bottle of water on the pendant, your vitamins, your moisturizer, whatever you like. I’m sure that you will discover many other applications.

Even better. I’ve discovered a way to keep charging them from a distance. I’ll continue to upgrade the energy of the pendants over time, so they will always be charged.

These come in gold or silver, and each is 1 1/4” in diameter. We didn’t try to guess on whether you wanted a chain or a rope to hang them, so we’ll leave that to you.

Much love,
Richard Gordon,Founder of Quantum-Touch

Reviews of the New QT Pendant

"Thank you - Thank you- Thank for the AWESOME QUANTUM TOUCH PENDANT! We just amped-up the Energy and Essence of QT!"
Carol Lee, Quantum-Touch Instructor

"I just received the pendant and I opened the package. It is very beautiful and certainly it will be a huge success and another step in your wonderful work and contribution to the world!"
Bia de Castro Oliviera, Quantum-Touch Instructor

"Today I measured my doctor and showed him, his misalignment and them asked him to hold the pendant for two minutes. He said that he had a "click" in his head bones. Fantastic."
Bia de Castro Oliviera, Quantum-Touch Instructor

"I just received my pendant. They are exquisite. Flower of life pattern on the back. A jewel in the middle on the back. Very classy. Their energy is amazing."
- Darla Clark, Quantum-Touch Instructor

"This morning I received my pendant. It's such a beautiful thing to look at and it feels powerful. I started to wear it straight away, with a gold necklace. I went to the local supermarket. The lady at the counter, who knows me well, looked at my pendant and said: 'Wow, that is beautiful. Where did you get it?' I said I do energy healing and this was a gift from my teacher in the USA. She asked me about healing. As there were other customers waiting, I kept my answers brief, but I did give her a few seconds of hands-on healing on her painful shoulder. She felt a strong release immediately and took my business card. This pendant is a wonderful gift. I will let you know what happens once I start using it with my clients."
Johanna van Reenen, Quantum-Touch Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that these pendants don't replace actual QT sessions with a practitioner. Can you please explain the difference between the healing the pendant is capable of vs. full sessions?

The pendants do differ from QT sessions in that QT sessions are more dynamic. In a session, the practitioner is able to specifically adjust to the specific intent of the client. It would be very similar to the difference between using the biomat or another frequency device vs. actual human interaction which is more dynamic and more specific. It would be like programming a crystal.

Why are the pendants entangled, and does it have to do with the name “Quantum-Touch” being printed on the back side?

In Richard's upcoming book, “The Secret Nature of Matter,” in experiment #38, he discovered that it is possible to link objects with the mind and heart. Anything that happens to one of the objects will happen to all of the objects. He tested this in many ways and in reverse in order to be sure that he was not deceiving himsef. All of the pendants we’ve made are deeply entangled. The energy that each person sends to the pendants will be held in all the pendants.

Does the pendant lose it’s charge over time?

I conducted a series of experiments over the course of a year and did not find that objects lose their charge in that amount of time. The more you work with the pendant, the more you will likely entrain to the vibration of the pendant. You may experience that the energy of the pendant seems a little less over time. That said, hand the pendant to someone who is sensitive to energy and see how they respond.

If you are still wondering if the pendant has lost it’s charge, measure someone’s hips and occiput, and then tap them with the pendant anywhere on their body. They will be instantly aligned. With an ever growing community of people putting their love, healing energy, gratitude and gifts into the pendants, I expect them to be ever more energized every single day.

Can the pendant be used for distance healing?

When doing distant healing with a pendant, hold the pendant in your hands, imagine the person receiving the healing between your hands and run level 1 and or level 2 through your hands.

Can the pendants be used for pain relief?

From Richard Gordon: I’ve seen it work to relieve pain in people and we are getting stories coming in about accelerated healing. I don’t expect the pendants to take the place of QT sessions, but it is amazing how often they have been effective in bringing relief of pain. My friend James and I were taking a walk and his toe had become almost too painful to continue. I told him to place his pendant on his toe. He was astonished as he could feel energy flooding into the area of pain. Within two minutes he was able to walk with 70% pain relief. Five minutes later he reported that he couldn’t even feel his toe. I got a call two days ago from a friend who had sprained his finger doing jiujitsu. He expected his finger to be a problem for weeks. He placed his pendant on his finger for 20 minutes and the next morning he had no pain. He was astonished.

How can I know it can align the hips?

If you have learned to measure the alignment of hips and occiput with QT, all you have to do is tap someone on the arm, shoulder or hand with your pendant and measure them again. It’s that easy. Simply take before and after measurements.

Can I align other bones with the pendant?

The pendants follow the programs that have been put into them. It is very easy to see if hips and occiput have been aligned, but far more skill is required to assess other alignments. If people have intended other structural alignments, then it is certainly possible.

Is this a gimmick?

No, these pendants are real. Try taping a pendant to the bottom of your foot or feet when you go to bed. In doing so, I’ve had the deepest sleep I can remember in decades. The pendants are the result of thousands of tests. To engage with the pendant, simply connect to your love, gratitude, or be open to what is there.

The Quantum-Touch Pendant - New Insights

Sometimes, things can be far more than they appear.

There was a scene the movie, “The Social Network”, when Sean Parker tells a young Zuckerberg that it’s way too early to understand what Facebook can become. I’d say the same is now true about the QT pendants.

I just returned from a conference in Mexico with a select group of 350 extraordinary people from around the world, and I felt honored to be invited. While there, I wanted to meet people who could help Quantum-Touch to grow big enough to provide benefit for hundreds of millions, rather than hundreds of thousands as we do today.

Partially as a gift to all who attended, as a social lubricant, as a way of showing something impossible, to explore the realms of possibility, and as a prelude to my upcoming book release, I took my pendant and lightly tapped all willing participants a single time on the arm or shoulder. The result was that they all immediately benefited from the elimination of pelvic and occipital torsion. After asking people if they were able to perceive a high occipital ridge, I was able to capture video showing their surprise when the back of their head suddenly aligned. Some of their expressions were priceless.

We had a party on the last night of the event, and one man explained how he had gotten into many fights as a youth before he found himself. He said it had been years since he could breathe through his right nostril. I handed him two pendants and suggested that he hold them on each side of his nose. After three or four minutes, he acknowledged that he could now breathe air through the blocked air passage. A woman observing this told me that she had a lot of jaw pain and put the pendants on the TMJ points of the jaw. A few minutes later, her jaw pain was significantly reduced and another woman with jaw pain took the pendants. Her pain quickly receded. Next up was another woman who complained about eye pain, and placed the pendants just under her eyes. A few minutes later she had no pain. All of these healing took place in the course of about 15-20 minutes. Before this, the only feedback I had gotten was from a friend on a walk explaining that his damaged toe had become too painful to proceed. I suggested he place his pendant on his bad toe. Three minutes later his pain was greatly reduced, and we continued our walk. After five minutes, he told me he could not feel his toe. Another friend called me to say that he had badly sprained his index finger and had placed the pendant on his painful finger for 20 minutes. The next morning he had no pain. While it’s still very early, I’m feeling like Sean Parker, and not knowing what this will become.

Placebos demonstrate that the body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself rapidly in the face of deception or dishonesty. QT can incite this spectacular healing response, but in our case, the trigger mechanism is the life-force energy (Chi or Prana). So far, and after thousands of experiences while writing my new book, the pendant appears to work100% of the time to balance pelvic and occipital torsion. Now it appears to often work for minor symptoms.

And when the pendant doesn’t work? I believe they will highlight the real value of Self-Created Health. In time QT practitioners will acknowledge that there are times that energy healing is simply not enough. Either the symptom does not get better, or it comes back again and again. In these cases, I believe that our Higher Self intervenes, and we will not be healed until we effectively deal with the emotional causes of the condition.

Will the pendants ever take the place of real QT sessions? I don’t believe so. The value of a live person actively running energy is far more powerful than any object. That said, I’ll choose a healing session where the practitioner places one or more pendants on my body while she applies Quantum-Touch.

Perhaps the pendants are becoming increasingly powerful as more and more people channel their good energy into them. Whatever the case, the pendants are clearly attracting many new people to explore learn and experience QT.

Please write to QT and let us know what you’re discovering about them.

Much love,
Richard Gordon

Details about the Pendants


The pendants are certified to be Nickel and Lead free. The solid silver pendants are made from 925 sterling silver. For the complete safety test report, click here

The Crystal is a Swarovski Advanced Crystal that conforms to a high level of safety and quality standards. For detailed information about the Swarovski Crystal, click here

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