What is Quantum-Touch?

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What is Quantum-Touch?

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Host a Healing Party! Give a Lecture and QT Demo. Share Quantum-Touch with others!... See more below >
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The "What is Quantum-Touch?" 2 DVD set contains lectures, interviews and QT demos to help you share the Quantum-Touch concepts with others, attract more clients and students.

Host a Healing Party!

Quantum-Touch Instructors: Increase Your Class Sizes!

Quantum-Touch Practitioners: Increase Your Clientele

Video Workshop Facilitators: Attract More Students

Why Healing Parties?

If you are a Quantum-Touch Instructor, Practitioner, or if you wish to facilitate a Quantum-Touch Basic Video Workshop, we have created a new program to help you build your practice and attract more students: Quantum-Touch Healing Parties.

At Quantum-Touch, we share the mission of serving the planet through energy healing. Quantum-Touch Practitioners, Instructors, Video Workshop Facilitators and everyone involved with the Quantum-Touch community all share the desire to reach many people with our message of empowerment: Your Love is Extremely Valuable in the Healing Process.

The most effective way to attract students and clients is to give people a “taste” of the value of Quantum-Touch by explaining the philosophy behind energy healing and to share short “demo” QT sessions. We have developed the Healing Party Program to make this process easy for you!

What is a Healing Party?

Quantum-Touch Healing Parties are a Quantum-Touch innovation designed to introduce new people to QT.

Host a party! Bring your friends and family together for conversation, refreshments, socializing, and to learn more about Quantum-Touch. Quantum-Touch has created a video that you can use to introduce people to Quantum-Touch. On the “What is Quantum-Touch” DVD set, Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch, discusses the philosophy of QT, gives healing demonstrations, and answers questions about Quantum-Touch. As the healing party host, you can show parts of the video, answer questions, and do short demo sessions. Demo sessions are generally 2 to 5 minutes but can be longer is desired. At the conclusion of the evening, encourage guests to sign up for your upcoming workshop (video or live) or become your next client!

How to Host a Healing Party

Hosting a Healing Party is easy:


  1. Set the time and date of the Healing Party. Allow approximately 2-5 hours for your Healing Party!


  3. Invite your friends and family to the healing party! We have created a Healing Party Postcard that you can use to invite people or you can simply invite them via email, phone, Facebook, etc! To order customized copies of the healing party postcard, go to http://quantumtouch.biz.vistaprint.com


  5. On the day of your Party, create a form where people can sign-in when they arrive. Collect their names, email addresses, and phone numbers so that you can follow up with them later on


  7. Offer refreshments or have people make the party a potluck part


  9. At some point during the party, play parts of the video and offer short demo QT healing session


  11. If you are an Instructor, you can offer people the opportunity to take a Live Basic Workshop or sign up as a client for session work


  13. If you are a Practitioner, you can offer the opportunity to sign up as a client


  15. If you are not yet a Practitioner or Instructor, you can offer the opportunity to sign up for your upcoming video workshop!

After the Healing Party


  1. Follow up with the people who attended the Healing Party either by phone or by email!


  3. As you host more healing parties, you will start to create a mailing list. A mailing list is one of the best resources you can have to create business!


  5. As your mailing list grows, you may desire to make a small investment in an email marketing tool. Email marketing tools allow you to manage an email mailing list, manage unsubscribes, track who is viewing your emails, etc. Our favorite email marketing tool is icontact. You can try it for fee at http://www.icontact.com/?cobrand=172339

Have a Great Time With Your Healing Parties!

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