The Quantum-Touch Pathfinder

I am so grateful to come through on the page for you. You, the pathfinder to Quantum-Touch experiences, are in the process of receiving literal acknowledgments from a smiling universe. It is all perception, is it not?

My beginnings with Quantum-Touch were incremental yet at the pace I needed to unfold with. To some it would be perceived as successful and quick, to others; dated,  slow and coincidental. For a while, I behaved like a scared rabbit, regardless of having strong skills and successes with being an effective massage therapist and body-movement instructor.

Even though I have always committed to practice, process and lived fully whatever training I have had the opportunity to explore, I literally felt like an inexperienced schoolgirl anyway. You may be wondering; which is it? The scared rabbit or the inexperienced schoolgirl? Both. The inspirational news is that once a person is present without the judgment, blocks and limitations that all human beings carry at different levels and densities, all sorts of results, experiences and joy is allowed to manifest like little miracles begging to be picked. Like a florist picking each flower for that special bouquet.... back to the story.

Getting through the classes was the easy part. And I acknowledge that not everyone may have the same outcomes and processes in their experience. However, if I can touch one heart with my own story, it would be an act of grace and another reason for me to release more density and shine written light into what is requested to be shared with the Quantum-Touch family.

Otherwise, I am more comfortable to stay in the trenches, away from view, attending to others quietly with intense fortitude. It so fills my cup to learn and be of service to others. In terms of these insights, my ego gets redirected to the far background and I get out of my own way. On a humorous note, that entails stopping the act of  interrupting myself and being open to what is possible thus writing here without judgment. As I said, getting through the classes was the easiest part. The peers, the like-minded support, the teacher, the ritual of being in a class. Yes. So what happens after and outside of the class?

After being blown away by what I had acquired as a student in the class environment, it felt like I was carrying top-secret information and I was at times, speechless. I could not wait to get my hands and heart to someone that I could affect with Quantum-Touch healing. I was really hungry for that.  At the same time, I felt like I was wearing a muzzle. It was obvious that my familiar patterns and fears were having quite the party and I needed to find the way to transform them if I was to experience the benefits of reaching my own potential with Quantum-Touch.

At first, I was looking for typical circumstances without realizing I was attempting to fit myself into expected scenarios of having sessions and being structured. I learned that that did not work so well for me as a beginner. I needed more baby steps than that. Never mind just doing documented practices. What ended up occurring is that I needed to forget about everything I knew and adhered to in terms of structure as professionally trained and express the exploration of Quantum-Touch in a way that may again seem incremental at most. This occurred mostly after Level I for various reasons. So, here is what unfolded.

I would pick up on what issues people were having in the moment empathically, propose the idea of experiencing the energy work and naturally act on them on the spot quietly like in a session, but I was not too quick in booking official sessions. I went through so many undocumented processes but that is what worked for me first. I seemed to need to experience at a high rate before I was comfortable enough to engage formally in official documented sessions. After taking the time I needed with several different situations, highlighted with a gamut of personalities, needs, or interests, I did so without being concerned about how other practitioners were doing within their own pathfinder experiences. I generally look to others to be inspired as opposed to compare. It was and is an important variant for me. How about for you? I continued to work as I was comfortable and had great enthusiasm doing so.

I am glad I continued within my feelings of inadequacy and concerns anyway. I  realized that a huge transformation had been taking place by continuing to be in action. Years previous, I identified with patterns of freezing, blocking, quitting and thus failing at many levels due to performance anxiety that had taken hold during early adolescence. Today, years later, I am grateful that Quantum-Touch allows the space in which to explore our practice at all levels as well as the pace at which I wanted. I love that we can combine this with modalities we have already acquired as practitioners. I love that we have no limits and can set our standards. Even though this parallels with double or more the effort for me, I get such a sense of fulfillment from this route. I have learned to stop apologizing for this love of practicing. It used to be performance anxiety and of introverted origins. But now, it is like a nurturing, internal compass. A fountain of self-sustainable flow of fun and desire to be of service. I learned how to transform a block and turn it into a fountain of healing! It only happened because I let myself process my experiences and not berate myself as excessive.

Where do you label yourself as you express yourself in this field? Where are you interrupting yourself from being who you need to be while you incubate and discover what makes you tick? What conditions allow you to joyfully be in service to others while you savor the journey more than ever? What block may you have had loosened in all of this, in order to start building your fountain?

As pathfinders, please keep going. It is because of the Quantum-Touch newsletters of all the testimonials and stories that played a role in convincing me to keep moving forward seeing possibilities for me within this family of Quantum-Touch hearts, while being in service to others. The collaboration of contribution was a foreshadow effect for the hope ahead. Lots of hope and reconciliation with perception has become my teacher.

Thank goodness! I have learned much in subtle ways and then in bigger ways. It all ties together in a spectacular quantum field. The message is expansive and in every way will serve you to make it your own. A Quantum-Touch Pathfinder? It is really the perception, or word you choose to describe your journey with. You decide. Whatever it takes to keep you keeping on. Today, is a brand new day.

Anna-Maria Marta
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner

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