View Our Favorite Videos on Quantum-Touch and The Power To Heal

Here’s a wonderful selection of Quantum-Touch related videos, hand-picked by the Quantum-Touch Community.

A great way to get started with Quantum-Touch is to view some or all of the many videos available! Below we have incorporated our very favorite videos on one page, making it easy for you to learn many of the Quantum-Touch principles and to understand ‘The Power To Heal’! Sit back, enjoy and learn about the incredible power of Quantum-Touch!

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Sending Love
1:32 min
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Healing A Broken Leg
2:06 min
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Breakthrough Accelerated Healings with Quantum-Touch Level II -- Melt the Pain
8:05 min
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Broken Toe? No Problemo!!!
1:44 min
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Ulcers, What Ulcers?
2:12 min
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Healing a Severe Burn Super Fast - No Scar
2:25 min
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Healing A Severe Shoulder Injury --- Astoundingly FAST!
2:36 min
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Confronting Scientists - Consciousness Affects Matter
3:36 min
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Quantum-Touch and the Immune System
8:20 min
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