Chakra Blast and Free Gift!


Quantum-Touch Chakra Blast Necklace

Chakra Blast and Free Gift!

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Chakra Blast Necklace and Free Gift!

Peace * Love * Bliss

The Chakra Blast necklace is tuned to the Chakra Blast exercise from Level 2 Quantum-Touch, and is handmade with love in Tucson, AZ USA. The colors of the stones are designed to align with chakras 1-7, with the clear quartz beads representing chakras 8-12.

Each Chakra Blast necklace is individually charged by Richard Gordon with love and Quantum-Touch energy to amplify and support the positive flow of energy. Each piece is also linked (entangled) with all the other Quantum-Touch pendants, portals, and Life-Force Jewelry and it contains the best energy from Richard and our practitioners and instructors.

The Chakra Blast necklace features an Amethyst Crystal Pendant and genuine quartz, amethyst, and chakra gemstones. The clasp is 14k gold filled (not plated).  It also includes a gold-plated Quantum-Touch jewelry tag (nickel free). The bead cord is 100% pure silk. Here is a description of each gemstone:

  • Clear quartz - Amplifies energy, attunes to your higher self, relieves pain
  • Red Agate - 1st Chakra: Stability and Grounding
  • Orange Aventurine - 2nd Chakra: Creativity, Imagination, and Manifestation
  • Yellow Jasper - 3rd Chakra: Happiness, Joy, Positivity
  • Aventurine - Heart Chakra: Love, Connection to Nature, New Growth
  • Blue Howlite - 5th Chakra: Communication, Higher Wisdom
  • African Sodalite - 6th Chakra: Intuition, Guidance
  • Chevron Amethyst - 7th Chakra: Inner Strength, Wealth, and Clarity

Each purchase of the Chakra Blast necklace, includes a free gift: The Share the Love Necklace

The Share the Love necklaces are handmade with love by a family in Costa Rica and energized with Quantum-Touch energy. This necklace features a Cherry Wood pendant treated with food grade mineral oil, lava and chakra gemstones. The bead cord is 100% pure silk and uncoated nylon.


Please note: Designs of the Share the Love necklace will vary and may be slightly different from what is pictured.

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