Energy Enhancement Through Fitness


Energy Enhancement Through Fitness

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3 DVD Set, NTSC Region Free (will play on most DVD players)

Featuring Robert McKee and Steven Leigh
Total Running Time: 2 Hours, 13 Minutes

If you are familiar with Quantum-Touch, you know that Quantum-Touch is an effective energy healing modality. The Quantum-Touch techniques cultivate life-force energy (also known as "Chi", "Prana") and apply energy toward healing.


Energy Enhancement Through Fitness, explores the synergistic effect between fitness, healing, and life-force energy.

Learn how to:

  • Apply energy cultivation and Quantum-Touch techniques during exercise to enhance conscious awareness and performance.
  • Use exercise as way to simultaneously enhance fitness levels and cultivate life-force energy
  • Become a more powerful Quantum-Touch practitioner while increasing your fitness level!

The first DVD features interviews with Robert McKee and Steven Leigh. Both Robert and Steven have developed exercise systems that connect awareness, energy and fitness!

The second DVD contains a complete workout featuring Steven Leigh's "Kung Yoga": a fusion of Yoga, Chi Gong, and Cardio Kung Fu dance. The workout contains two sections - a 1 hour high energy cardio section and a shorter Yoga flow cool down. The Yoga flow cool down can be used alone as a light workout!

The third DVD features "Energetic Evolution" developed by Robert McKee and Ilana Morris. Energetic Evolution combines exercise, personal energy cultivation and energy healing. This DVD demonstrates various bodyweight exercises while incorporating energy awareness and breathing techniques. The final section of this contains a complete workout that you can follow along!

Biographies of Steven Leigh and Robert McKee

Steven Leigh
Steven Leigh has 43 Years of Martial Arts and Yoga Experience, a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, and a Teaching Credential from CSULB with emphasis on Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology. In the 80's and 90's Steven pursued acting; he appeared on General Hospital, television, Movies of the Week (including NBC’s Noble House), and Martial Art films. At the age of 43, his path turned to Yoga for healing - no weight training, no martial arts, and no competition - Just Yoga, everyday. After over 4000 hours Of Yoga, he returned to weight training and martial arts while incorporating his yoga knowledge. He found many correlations between Kung Fu, Chi Gong, and yoga; all systems opened up the body to let the Chi or Prana flow.

In May of 2004 he brought his hybrid Qi Gong, Kung Fu, Yoga system (called Kung Yoga) to Ibiza, Spain. He was extremely satisfied to see the light shining from his students' clear eyes and their wondrous smiles as they experienced their inner energy for the first time in their lives. To share this knowledge with others became his new path in life. For more information, go to

Robert McKee
Robert McKee is a world record holding strength athlete, trainer and sports nutrition consultant with over thirteen years in the fitness industry. McKee’s clients have included people from all backgrounds and walks of life including busy professionals, homemakers, post surgical patients, disabled persons, world champion and Olympic athletes, actors, models and competitors at every level. Robert’s passion is in using his experiences to help others; the blessings come from learning how to better give and receive love. He teaches people how to raise their awareness about themselves so that they will know instinctively how to train and eat for their individual body type. You will gain the power to create what you want for yourself through greater awareness. 




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