The 12 Color Meditation CD


The 12 Color Meditation CD

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Listen to the 12 Color Meditation, featured in the Original Supercharging Workshop and Book!... See more below >
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Listen to the 12 Color Meditation, featured in the Supercharging Workshops and the Supercharging Book!

The 12 Color CD package includes a 12 Color Meditation CD with a total running time of 66 Minutes

We are excited to offer the 12 Color Meditation CD featuring Alain Herriott. The CD explains the first several chapters of the Supercharging Quantum-Touch book in an audio format. Alain offers a basic explanation of how to optimize your Quantum-Touch techniques so that your sessions become more effective. Next, Alain explains the 12 colors used in this advanced look at Quantum-Touch as well as how to use these colors individually for a Quantum-Touch session.

The CD concludes with the 12 color meditation itself, providing a step by step experience of this meditation. The CD is set up so you can skip easily from idea to idea. This allows you to use the CD as a daily walk-through of the 12 color meditation.

"The 12-Color Meditation is an awesome way to enhance your work with Quantum-Touch, and Alain Herriott is a master teacher. This is an unbeatable combination that will not only enhance your sessions, but will enhance your personal well being too."

Richard Gordon Founder of Quantum-Touch

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