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Falcon Heights, Minnesota, 55113, United States

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Phone: 763-438-3583

“The ability to heal is an inherent part of people’s essential nature.”   Richard Gordon, Founder

Energy healing and essential oils offer the opportunity for you to realize joy and peace in all levels of Being -  physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Being skeptical about a 1995 diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, I set out, seemingly alone, into the world of complementary and alternative care.  My confusing, but enlightening, journey led me down the path to a multitude of diverse modalities.

After experiencing the powerful yet simple approach of energy healing, I feel chosen to offer to Others the opportunity in realizing joy and peace in their lives.   Energy healing and essential oils assist people, animals, and nature,  in connecting with their live-in healer.  Everyone has the capacity to live well and to prosper.  Everyone needs help now and then.  That’s why we are here - to help each other.

Energy healing is a very simple approach.  It allows the greater intelligence of Being to decide the what, when, and how of healing.

I warmly welcome you to the powerful world of energy healing and essential oils - natural wonders that help you attain and maintain wellness of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.  I invite you to contact me for assistance in discovering the exceptional benefits these offer.

Available in Office and Distant Healing.

Inquire about home bound challenges, Couples, and Group Healing.

Fees:  based on Sliding scale

Christina (Chris) Schlauch