Alexander Goldin


Palatine, Illinois, 60067, United States

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Phone: 312-933-5026

Do you feel sick and hope that someone can heal you? Do you expect to find just the right person to fix your difficulties? Do you count on someone to relieve your suffering? I am not the one who can do it because no one can do it.

You are a complete, powerful, beautiful and unlimited being who is perfectly capable of sustaining yourself. You have the skill of self-healing but this ability is hidden. Once your body awakens to its natural intelligence, then anything becomes possible. My mission as a Quantum Touch practitioner is to assist you at achieving physical, emotional and mental harmony.

Just read this again : I am here to assist you! You are here to heal yourself ! That is the key !

There are lots of healing modalities out there that you can try. My favorite by far is Quantum Touch .The results are usually quick and astounding . What I like about Quantum Touch the most is that the session can be done remotely where the practitioner and the client are far away from each other. I have given the distant healing sessions to people from Australia , Israel , Russia and every time the results were amazing. You don’t have to trust me . Try it. I offer first 30 minutes distant healing session for free! Because I am 100% sure you are going to like it!


phone : 312-9335026