Alternative Healing Shifts Physical & Emotional Symptoms!

Had a client with scoliosis today. Her occipital ridge was half inch off on one side. Right shoulder in the back was 1" higher than left at the beginning of the session, and the scoliosis was quite visible even thru her winter clothing. I used Level 2 and some hands on both (mostly Level 2) and her spine began to really respond. She kept saying she felt hands on her back even when I was standing in front of her, and by 25 minutes, the height of her shoulders had evened out. The most important comment to me, however, was not the structural change she experienced, but her emotional shift. Her shoulders, which had been curved forward at the beginning of the session, began to open into a more natural position. She said she could feel them open, and felt relief in her heart. She thinks she is now ready to live with her heart open.


Henri Rand Furgiuele

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