Hands On Healing Transforms Cheese From Black To White!

Hi Jennifer,

Last week I worked on my husband's knee using Quantum-Touch hands on healing techniques for about an hour and a half. It was amazing! The energy was racing through his knee. It felt to me that nerve endings (they felt like strands sort of worm-like) seeking their severed ends. After the energy was finished with most of the knee it began traveling down his leg to his ankle. He said it was very hot.

When I was finished it was much better and whether he has noticed or not he is no longer limping. He had knee surgery a couple years ago and has been in pain ever since.

I also used hands on healing to work on some really blue cheese a few weeks ago, I wanted visible results, I worked on the cheese for a few minutes and it turned back to white!  It was really awesome!

Thank you,


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