Our Natural Birth Right

Rebekah gave birth this evening February 17, 2015 to a strong girl named Manataka at 8:36 pm. Mark and I were very honored to be present. Both mom and baby are doing quite well.

Manataka's water broke this morning at 8 a.m., which was exactly the time the doctor she wanted, Dr. Waters, went on duty. For a while Dr. Waters began to get concerned about Manataka's heart rate dropping during the birth. Mark and I both sent Quantum-Touch into the room to help calm the doctor and nurses, feeling that their anxiousness would not help. Fortunately, the baby's heart normalized quickly.

Rebekah said repeatedly, tonight, that thanks to all of us offering her Quantum-Touch, this pregnancy went full-term.

On December 5th, 2014, we held a Quantum-Touch Healing Circle for Rebekah with the intent that her pregnancy would go to full-term and without any complications or intervention. Her two previous children were born prematurely and her doctors were very concerned about this one. She was given bedrest for 6 months, beginning the 14th week of this pregnancy. 

Doctors were so convinced that the baby would be born early that they wanted to give her steroids to make the baby's lungs grow faster. Rebekah refused. The doctors also wanted to give Rebekah weekly hormone shots to secure the pregnancy. Again, Rebekah refused. To have her pregnancy go 40 weeks is what Rebekah considers a miracle.

She had grown to trust and adore my husband Mark's soft kind energy over the past three years. She met him shortly after we held a Quantum-Touch Healing Circle in May 2012 for her daughter Kaliko's head surgery. A few months ago, she asked if Mark would be willing to attend Manataka's birth and cut her cord. We were stunned and honored at such an invitation.

Having Mark at Manatka's birth was clearly very important to Rebekah and her partner Adam. When we arrived this evening, Adam asked Mark if he would still be willing to cut the baby's cord after the birth. We were amazed at the parent's trust in us. We loved doing Quantum-Touch throughout the birth.

And, Mark did cut Manataka's cord! Yahoo!!!

Thanks again for all of the love and Quantum-Touch offered to Rebekah and Manataka. 

This was not an easy pregnancy, but fortunately the birth was smooth and so exquisitely beautiful. We are so grateful to all of you and for Quantum-Touch in our lives. It feels like a natural human birth right to have such a simple tool to share at times like this.

Kim Luchau
Kilauea, Hawaii, USA
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner
Level 1, Level 2, Self Created Health Instructor
Level 1 Instructor Trainer


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