Renee Settels

Lake Reflex


502 Old Elm Road
Highland Park, Illinois, 60035, United States

Contact Information

Phone: (224) 632 0034


Renee Settels is born and raised in the Netherlands. She has been living in the United States since 2004 with her husband and two daughters. After she graduated in Reflexology in 2010 she could feel that energy started flowing through her body and Quantum Touch® has helped her focus, amplify and direct this energy. The results have amazed her and she is enjoying this simple though effective healing modality ever since. 


Renee has the wonderful gift to relaxe her clients, bring peace and help them find relieve from pain and other discomforting symptoms related to disease, inflammation or stress related problems. It is always Renee’s sincere goal and joy that you will leave her session more relaxed, better balanced and with less pain. Her goal and gift is to assist you in her best way in your own body’s healing process. 


Hope to see you soon, with love and gratitude, Renée.