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Tyson Jade Taylor

Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner , Energy Healing


Tyson Jade Taylor Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner

Rigby, Idaho
Idaho, 83442
United States

Contact Information




[email protected]



 If you have any pain and you want to find relief or are curious if such pain can be relieved by using Energy. I have developed my gift and have helped many people find relief and answers to how and why we have pain. It is all connected to who you are and how you perceive things. If you have not yet had a session with a practitioner then I hope you will schedule one.

I currently live Idaho scheduling sessions in person Rigby, Idaho and surrounding areas. Call or message me for details and availability or to make appointment or schedule a consultation to see if I might be able to help you.

I am also available to come to your destination or home. I can come to you for a session if that fits your needs. Call for more information or to set up your appointment. 

I will also be available for remote distant healing and assessments. I am Qualified in Stress Management, Emotion and Emotion and Body forgiveness by finding trapped or blocked emotions. I look forward to sharing and serving all who are ready to open their mind and receive the gift of pure truth.


Call or email today 

I will create a personalized session for you according to your needs and stage of wellness. Thank you for allowing optimism guide your awareness and lead you to the roots by which your foundation has molded your character to find the balance to the power of an open mind and the will to allow yourself to be in tune and in harmony with life and the choice to live life with healthy vibrations which allow trapped emotions to be released and balanced removing the pain and sickness those emotions create when not addressed properly. Its your time to take charge and allow your pain be replaced by peace and enlightened with love. 

let me help you today unlock the power and energy within you to flow pain free - 

[email protected] 

Tyson Jade Taylor 






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Tyson Jade Taylor Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner 

Energy medicine 

Pain & Stress Management 

Energy Health 













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