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The criteria for becoming a Certified Supercharging Instructor include:

  • your love for the work

  • a thorough knowledge of current Supercharging practices

  • a wealth of session experience using all Quantum-Touch techniques

  • the ability to share this knowledge with passion to inspire others

Supercharging Instructor Candidates should also have successfully attended all the other advanced workshops in Quantum-Touch’s professional program (Level 2 and Self Created Health).

Finally, you will need to successfully complete the Supercharging Instructor Training Program with an approved Quantum-Touch Supercharging Trainer.

Step-by-Step Supercharging Quantum-Touch Instructor Certification Requirements

Step 1

Become Certified as a Level 1 Instructor

Supercharging Instructor Candidates must already be teaching Level 1 Quantum-Touch successfully. This means that they are:

  • certified by Quantum-Touch, Inc., to teach Level 1 and in good standing with Quantum-Touch, Inc.

  • practicing Quantum-Touch professionally

  • using Quantum-Touch routinely in daily life.

Being an experienced Level 1 practitioner and instructor also means that the candidate has already developed a network of clients and students, and is ready to take on the new challenge of teaching Supercharging. This helps to ensure the candidate’s economic viability when teaching Supercharging.

Step 2

Teach a minimum of ten (10) Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshops

Teaching a minimum of ten Level 1 workshops ensures that future Supercharging Instructors have a firm grasp of the principles and practices of Quantum-Touch Level 1 and its importance as a foundation for all Quantum-Touch techniques. It also means that future Supercharging Instructors are experienced in facilitating Quantum-Touch workshops.

Step 3

Attend a minimum of four (4) Quantum-Touch Supercharging workshops

Supercharging Instructor Candidates need to be very familiar with the contents and dynamics of a typical Supercharging class. One way to achieve this is by watching other experienced instructors teach the work. Candidates who attend Supercharging classes with the mindset of a student teacher observe how the workshop is taught and begin thinking how THEY would teach the concepts. It is our hope at Quantum-Touch Headquarters that by the time Candidates have attended four Quantum-Touch Supercharging classes, they will already be able to articulate most workshop topics.

And of course, four workshops is only the MINIMUM. Additional Supercharging workshops will deepen preparation and understanding of the techniques.

Step 4

Attend a Level 2 workshop

If you have not already taken a Level 2 Workshops as part of your Level 1 Instructor Certification requirements, please attend a Supercharging workshop.

Step 5

Attend a Self-Created Health Workshop

If you have not already taken a Self-Created Health workshop as part of your Level 1 Instructor Certification requirements, please attend a Self-Created Health workshop.

Step 6

Optional: Attend a Manifesting Miracles Workshop

If you have not already taken a Manifesting Miracles workshop as part of your Level 1 Instructor Certification requirements, we encourage you to attend a Manifesting Miraclees workshop.

Step 7

Complete and document fifty (50) hours of healing sessions ON YOURSELF using techniques from the current Supercharging (SG) workshop.

We want our future instructors to teach Supercharging and use it with clients, but more importantly, we want them to integrate Supercharging techniques into their daily lives. When Instructor Candidates use Supercharging to address their own problems, issues or concerns, they become intimately familiar with how the techniques work. They will also gain personal and professional insights which they can share once they begin teaching SG.


  • 25 hours must involve techniques from Day 1 of the current Supercharging Workshop

  • 25 hours must involve techniques from Day 2 of the current Supercharging Workshop

Complete the Self Healing Documentation Form by downloading form below

After completing steps 1 through 7, apply to begin the next phase of instructor candidacy: the 8-hour Supercharging Instructor Training Program.

Entering the Supercharging Instructor Training Program does not guarantee that one will be certified as a Supercharging Instructor.

This is similar to what occurs when a student enters college. Graduation depends on how well the student performs in class, how much of their mind and heart goes into the process. Our Supercharging Instructor Trainers will do their best to support and encourage each Instructor Candidate, but nothing can replace the Candidate’s own initiative and effort.

Step 8

Complete a Supercharging Instructor Training Program Application Form and submit it along with the $300 US$ application fee

Candidates complete the online Supercharging Instructor Application Form and make a copy for their records. There is a $300 US$ non-refundable fee to apply.

Complete the Level 2 Instructor Program Application by downloading form below

Email the completed application packet to Quantum-Touch Headquarters, at عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته. The packet should include:

  • the completed online application form (which includes payment information)

  • digital copies of class certificates

Candidates will be notified once Headquarters has received and processed their application. If the application has been approved, Candidates can proceed to Steps 6 and 7 (where they will select their Supercharging Trainer and be interviewed by them).

Step 9

Select an approved Supercharging Trainer

Quantum-Touch has certified a very small group of highly experienced Supercharging Instructors as Supercharging Trainers. They are our most experienced Supercharging Instructors worldwide, having spent hundreds of hours exploring SG and its techniques.

Select an approved Supercharging Trainer and contact them (by phone, email or Zoom/Skype) to see if the Trainer is available.

Step 10

Complete a Supercharging Instructor Application Interview with a SG Trainer

The interview allows the Quantum-Touch Trainer to discuss the Training Program with Candidates and their readiness to enter it. The interview lasts approximately one hour.

If in the process of this interview, a Candidate shows significant gaps in their understanding of Supercharging, additional mentoring of SG techniques may be required before they can proceed. Any supplemental SG mentoring would be at the Candidate’s own expense.

After the interview, Candidates will be notified when (and if) they are approved for the next step in the Supercharging Instructor Training Program.

Step 11

Successfully complete the 8-hour Supercharging Instructor Training Program (fee: $2000 US$)

This program will guide Instructor Candidates through the content and procedures involved in teaching Supercharging. Facilitated by our top SG instructors worldwide, the Supercharging Training Program provides Instructor Candidates with a comprehensive package of materials designed to make their teaching a success.

The $2,000 US$ fee for this individualized training is non-refundable and payable in advance to Quantum-Touch, Inc.

This 8-hour individualized training can be held in person or online using skype, zoom, etc. The program includes:

  • T-SG booklet – the Supercharging Instructor Training Agenda. This document outlines the information and topics to be covered during the training sessions.

  • Thorough review of the Supercharging Instructor Manual. This manual has 68+ pages of in-depth content describing workshop techniques and guidelines in full color. The Instructor Manual is professionally printed and a wonderful resource.

  • Thorough review of the Supercharging Student Manual. This document will also be explained in detail.

  • Practice teaching key topics in the workshop. During the training, all Supercharging Instructor Candidates will practice teach specific topics taken from the workshop. This live practice is an essential component, designed to help the Instructor Candidate discover any gaps in understanding or clarity. The Supercharging Trainer will work with the Candidate to fill those gaps, so that by the end of the training, the Candidate will feel truly ready to teach a Supercharging workshop.

  • Guidelines for handling class dynamics and workshop details. Specific guidelines for monitoring Supercharging classroom healing sessions are also covered.

  • Guidelines for marketing and administrative details. These include helpful tips and procedures for acquiring, contacting and following up with registered students. Administrative details, policies and procedures specific to Supercharging are also explained.

Step 12

Complete, sign and return the digital Supercharging Instructor Training Program Evaluation Form

Upon successful completion of the 8-hour Supercharging Instructor Training Program, Candidates will receive from their Trainer an evaluation form to complete. This form provides valuable feedback to Quantum-Touch Inc. about the performance of Supercharging Trainers and the Instructor Training Program itself. Opinions expressed will help shape future trainings.

Email the completed form to عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.

After the Training Program has been completed and the evaluations have been received, Quantum-Touch Headquarters will notify Candidates when (and if) they have been approved as a Supercharging Instructor for Quantum-Touch.

Step 13

Sign and return the Supercharging Instructor Agreement

Candidates who are granted instructor status will be emailed a Supercharging Instructor Agreement. This document sent out from Quantum-Touch Headquarters outlines the responsibilities and contractual agreements required of Supercharging Instructors. All instructors must sign this digital form and return it to Quantum-Touch, Inc. Please allow 2-3 weeks for Quantum-Touch Headquarters to finalize the certification. Quantum-Touch Inc. will email an official Supercharging Instructor Certificate once the process is complete.

Upon receipt of all requirements at the Quantum-Touch Main Office, please allow 2-3 weeks for certification. Certification from Quantum-Touch is required prior to the scheduling of your first Supercharging workshop. Students will only receive course credit from Certified Quantum-Touch Instructors.

All fees, terms and conditions of application for becoming a certified instructor are subject to change and are at the discretion of Quantum-Touch, Inc. Completion of the instructor requirements does not guarantee or entitle certification to any individual. All inquiries and submissions are subject to a review and approval process by Quantum-Touch, Inc.

If you are interested in becoming a Supercharging instructor, please contact Jennifer Taylor, Director of the Supercharging Instructor Program at عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.

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