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Quantum-Touch and Massage

Quantum-Touch and Massage Therapy

Quantum-Touch is a powerful, yet easy to learn, energy healing modality.

The Quantum-Touch techniques teach us how to focus and amplify life-force energy (known as chi in Chinese and prana in Sanskrit) by combining various breathing and body awareness exercises. When you learn to direct the life-force energy, the possibilities are truly extraordinary; our love has more impact than we can imagine.

Massage Therapists can easily combine Quantum-Touch with their massage work. Sometimes energy can work at a greater depth than massage work, especially if the client is injured. Because energy healing uses a light touch, (and sometimes no touch) energy healing can also be applied where massage work may be contraindicated. Also, massage therapists can use energy healing during the massage to increase the therapeutic work of the massage and allow the client to go into deep states of relaxation and connection.


CE Hours Available for Massage Therapists!

Quantum-Touch is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. The Live Basic QT Workshop is valued at 13 CE Hours.

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Integrating Quantum-Touch into Your Massage Practice

Cassandra Batson, Massage Therapist and Quantum-Touch Practitioner/Instructor teaches Quantum-Touch to massage therapists and integrates QT into her massage practice...

Monday Morning Techniques

A valuable workshop for any massage therapist is the one which provides Monday morning techniques , techniques which can be effectively and easily used with clients immediately following the training. That was the case with Quantum-Touch. The Monday following my first video workshop in 2004, I was able to run energy on tight shoulders and stiff backs and see results right away. Quantum-Touch immediately added a dimension to my massage which gave excellent results with half of the effort. Of course there was some explaining to do on that first Monday, as my clients werent used to my hands stopping while I breathed fervently, holding their sore spots. A little advance warning, and of course permission, took care of any awkwardness which could have occurred. Once they felt muscle tension melt, they were sold. Soon, many of my deeper trigger point and neuromuscular techniques were replaced with the gentler approach of running energy. I still use the deeper techniques from time to time, but mostly for palpation and to monitor changes in the tissues as I run energy.

A Supercharged Approach to Living

Quantum-Touch is featured in the September/October 2008 ABMP's Massage and Bodywork Magazine.

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Severe Injuries and Swelling

When a client has had a severe injury which causes bruising, swelling or broken bones, the pressure of massage can cause more damage. Appointments often get cancelled or postponed as a result. This is not the case when using Quantum-Touch.

Case Study: Fractured Sacrum

G.W. is an 80 year young client who fractured her sacrum. When she called to cancel her appointment due to concerns over pressure, I asked her if she could walk well enough to come into the office. When she said she could, I explained how Quantum-Touch could accelerate the healing of the fracture and relieve the pain without the use of pressure. She came in and received Quantum-Touch on her sacrum and spine in addition to massage on her neck and shoulders. Within 2 sessions, she reported being in much less pain and was clearly walking with greater ease.

It is now common for clients to request Quantum-Touch specifically for their injured areas when they come for massage. They know it will help them heal even faster, and that both work very well together to achieve pain relief and relaxation. Even if they are unwilling to give up the pressure and kneading of therapeutic massage, they now recognize that Quantum-Touch greatly enhances their overall experience.

Clients Run Their Own Energy

Over the years of running energy during massage, Ive noticed that many of my clients have become very energy sensitive. They report that they can feel it building moving and flowing. Ive developed a protocol which I call Quantum Flow Massage , which is designed to get the client even more engaged in moving their own energy.   While running energy and doing massage, I take them through a series of guided imagery exercises which help them to direct their focus on opening up blocked energy channels. I developed a modified breath technique which allows me to expand my awareness into their field as they scan through their own bodies. It has allowed us to work together to uncover areas which need the extra attention with Quantum-Touch. We also work together, breathing into and releasing specific areas of tension, as I stop and hold those areas throughout the massage. As I work my way through the entire body, clients are introduced to metaphors and imagery which help them to tap into and work with the body-mind connection. For example, as I massage the left arm I may say, Imagine the life-force flowing through the left arm. Bring it out your hands and fingers. Let it open up this side of your body so you can receive nourishment, love and joy.  We breathe and focus together, and muscle tension just melts away. Clients often get into a meditative state where they report feeling totally connected to the flow of the universe.

Final Thought for Massage Therapists

In my workshops, many massage therapists have expressed to me that they want to do energy work which excludes massage therapy. It is never easy to convert a massage client to an energy client, and with Quantum-Touch it is not necessary. Clients originally came for your talents in massage. Why not combine the two to make your job easier and their experience more powerful, healing and satisfying?

Cassandra Batson LMT, CQTPI
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