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Reader Reviews of Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal

Reader Reviews of Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal

            out of 5 stars Wonderful Book, March 13, 2000
Reviewer: Grace Katie Bell from California

As a nurse-healer, I am always studying the dynamic and often mysterious process of energy-based healing. When I read Quantum-Touch, I knew I had discovered an important key to the process of accessing and directing the subtle energy which we healers use. I quickly put the information into action and feel as if the quality of my healing work has taken a quantum leap. The book is a true joy to read, never complicated, down to earth. I loved this book and after reading it cover to cover, I went out and bought 4 copies to give to my closest friends. I am now rereading it. Richard Gordon is a deeply developed healer with the ability to communicate the process of energy (life-force) science in a beautiful style. I recommend this book to anyone who has interest in developing the art and science of hands on healing.

            out of 5 stars Breakthrough in Hands-On Healing, June 13, 2001
Reviewer: A reader from Seattle, WA

This is exciting stuff:

Alternative Medicine Magazine in the July 2001 issue calls Quantum-Touch, "... a significant breakthrough in hands-on healing." They go on to say that "...for professionals and lay people alike, Quantum-Touch is an essential and invaluable tool."

Dr. C. Norman Shealy, Founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association calls Quantum-Touch, "... the first technique that may truly allow us all to become healers." He also wrote the foreword to this book after he became impressed that Quantum-Touch provided dramatic and lasting pain relief to his patients with 20 to 30 years of chronic pain, who had not been helped by any traditional or alternative modality.

This is the only book I know of on hands-on healing that is praised by physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, nurses, Reiki masters, chi gung instructors, and a host of other health care professionals.

Dr. Darla Parr, D.C. wrote, "You actually have to see this work to know how good it is. Bones move into alignment with just a light touch, and it speeds up the healing process."

Amazingly, you can actually learn to use Quantum-Touch from just reading the book, but if you get the chance, I highly recommend attending a Quantum-Touch workshop.

            out of 5 stars Quantum Touch = Quantum Healing, June 2, 2001
Reviewer: A reader from Eugene, OR

"Quantum-Touch" is a powerful book. I have used energy healing techniques for over 23 years, and after applying the easy and accessible techniques in this book I have increased my capacity dramatically in just the first few weeks. The book is written in easy to understand language that demystifies healing energy work. I cannot say enough good things about this book and the author. I was fortunate enough, after reading the book, to attend a workshop presented by Richard Gordon. I found him to be sincere and dedicated to the idea that we all possess the power to heal and if given the chance we will use it. I encourage anyone interested in life and health to read this book. It not only contains wonderful and simple techniques, it also contains invaluable information for general health and well-being all presented with humor and love. Buy it, read it, use it and spread the word, we are ALL healers.

            out of 5 stars Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal, January 20, 2000
Reviewer: Kent Safford from Palo Alto, CA

Quantum Touch as developed by Richard Gordon is a healing modality where the practitioner establishes, amplifies, and maintains an energy field with a unique frequency signature. The patient's job is to deeply relax, and develop a resonate sensitivity to that field and eventually entrain to it on a cellular level. The patient's "dis-eased" area changes its energy pattern to cohere and configure to the stronger pattern in the practitioner's field until the patient's pattern has stabilized and she is "healed."

Anyone can learn this and I've seen some amazing results without side effects. I'm glad to see that we are getting more and more alternatives to traditional medicine. With some research at the Stanford University School of Medicine on Mr. Gordon, its interesting that science is beginning to get out of its box to take a look.

            out of 5 stars Excellent Book, January 7, 2000
Reviewer: STEVE ZORN from Indiana

This book is an excellent book based on energy healing. It takes the reader through simple exercises and meditations that can help them learn and understand how to use this life force for healing themselves and others. This material perfectly compliments the other fields of energy work including but not limited to pranic healing, reiki healing, energy medicine, etc. If you are curious about energy work I recommend that you start with this book.

            out of 5 stars So easy to follow anyone can do this!, October 22, 1999
Reviewer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from USA

Richard Gordon talks about a "new", though really very old, way of working with energy that is so simple I was able to learn and actually use it in one day. He explains why he thinks it works in very clear, modern, scientific language -- thus the "quantum" in the touch. He relates it to the most recent studies in physics.  What can you do with Quantum Touch? Raise your own energy vibration so the person you touch can use your higher energy level to heal themselves! Marvelous! The healer is the one receiving the energy. A fantastically simple and wonderful technique. You don't have to believe it for it to work, it just does!

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