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Is Your Own Voice a Healing Instrument?

By Karina Grant

As I listened to a fascinating podcast featuring Don Campbell, I found myself smiling at the synchronicities with Quantum-Touch. Don Campbell has personally experienced and witnessed physical and emotional healing through Toning. In Quantum-Touch Level 1 and in the super high energy “Supercharging” workshop we use Toning as a way to increase the energy. 

Don talks about simply toning the vowel sounds for 5 minutes a day. We link toning to the breath in Level 1 with great effect. People feel their nervous system begin to calm and harmonise.  In Supercharging, we tone a specific sound that holds a Universal pattern of energy within it.

The sound we work with in Supercharging is a verbal expression of the Earth’s language. It reconfigures and restores the body’s energies to their optimum function level.

During my eldest son’s birth, I toned a lot using both the Level 1 and more specifically the Supercharging tone. Each moment spent toning with Quntum-Touch Level 1 and Supercharging tones reduced my pain massively. It gave me instant pain relief. Profound shifts happen when we tone.

As a funny aside, just imagine the faces of the people around me in a central London hospital hallway whilst I was toning aloud. There were no beds available, so I just picked a quiet corner and went for it with my toning and it worked well for me.

Don Campbell describes it beautifully.

“Toning is the process of realigning the balance of those energies through the vibrations created by the voice. One person who found life-changing results from TONING is Don Campbell, best-selling author of ‘The Mozart Effect’ who credits much of his success to the tools he acquired from TONING. Don has shared his experience to show readers today how life can be changed by learning how to control life forces and reform life patterns through sound and thus stimulate healing in the body.”

I have always been amazed at how Richard Gordon has packed so many techniques with enormous depth into the workshops, taught in a simplistic way.

When you tone, play with hearing the sounds from within you and also around you, extending your awareness of the space around you as you do. Tone into the chakras and from chakras. Be playful, relax into it and have fun with it.

Toning is a gift that keeps on giving and it is something that we can ALL do. Bring on the Level 1 and Supercharging workshops!



Karina Grant

Quantum-Touch Ambassador, Practitioner, and Instructor
London, U.K.

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