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Helping Out a Cat with a Cold Using Quantum-Touch

By Mayumi Pachkoski

My daughter informed me that our barn cat, Marshall, had a bad cold. He couldn’t even meow and had no appetite. She started sending energy to him using Quantum-Touch. She had learned Quantum-Touch Level 1 and 2, so she can use energy work as a life skill.

My daughter didn’t have much time, so she gave Marshall a session for 5 minutes. Marshall was purring and sitting next to her, receiving energy. Then, he gave a big sneeze! After that, he seemed to start breathing easier.

That evening, my daughter mentioned Marshall’s condition. I told her that when I saw him, I would give him some energy work, too.

The next day, I was outside when Marshall came to say hi. He must have known what my daughter and I had discussed the day before. His eyes and nose were covered with discharge; I wiped them off so he could breathe easier, but his throat was still dry, and he couldn’t meow.

I prepared a little bit of food, and he started eating. While he was eating, I ran energy for 5 minutes. He was purring and seemed to be feeling better, enjoying the session.

On the third day, I was outside when Marshall came to visit me again. He seemed to be much better! He could now meow and kept meowing asking for more energy, so I ran energy for 5 minutes.

On the fourth day, my daughter came back from the barn in the morning. She said that Marshall looked much better and seemed to be getting over his cold. We were happy!  Quantum-Touch works for anything and anyone, including animals.


Mayumi Pachkoski

Quantum-Touch Practitioner, and Instructor
Maryland, United States

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