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Quantum-Touch and a Wild Lion

I was traveling through a South African safari with wildlife photographer, Greg Du Toit, and a tour guide. One late afternoon, we saw a lion lying in the grass. He was in very bad shape; bones sticking out, belly falling inwards, not moving at all.

Our guide told us that the lion had not moved for several days and was dying. That’s when I thought, why not try Quantum-Touch on him (at a distance). We moved as close as possible and I started working on him for 10 minutes. He reacted by lifting his head and looking at us.

We moved to his other side and there I did a session for a half an hour. He lifted his head again and started roaring, as if he was calling his brother.

Then we left him be...

The next morning, we immediately returned to the same place to check on him. He was gone, which the guide couldn’t believe.

Several kilometers further, we found the lion on the track we were driving on. He looked at us for some time, then rose slowly, still looking at us and moved to the side into the grass. His rounded belly told us he had been able to eat in the meantime. We maintained eye contact for a moment then left.

What a wonderful experience!

Greg Du Toit was not surprised because he knew I work with energy. He had witnessed me interacting with wild animals before. But I had to explain to the guide what I had done as he couldn’t believe what had happened.

Charlotte Blanchet

Quantum-Touch Enthusiast

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