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Food, Food, Food

By Henri Rand Furgiuele, Quantum-Touch Ambassador
We often get lost in the nuts and bolts of food... the nutrients, the calories, the sensory flavors of things. At some level, these are important, but is that all there is?  
I was reminded of this when preparing to teach Manifesting Miracles this past month. Quantum-Touch sees the world we are in as a spiritual one, where consciousness affects matter. "Everything is 'God stuff,’” Richard Gordon says in The Secret Nature of Matter. Well, if everything is “God stuff,” then isn't food part of that stuff? Can we experience food as a vibrational consciousness?    
And more importantly, can I use this idea when choosing what to eat or drink, asking myself: what consciousness would be wonderful to take in today?  
I often apply this idea when the physical quality of the food is lacking in some way.  I use consciousness to give it a resonant boost. Actually, people have been doing this for years in a religious context. Blessings or prayer before food is an ancient custom. And the ability to appreciate someone's hard work in preparing that food can always be welcome.  
But can we reframe what the food is and what it does just by using consciousness?  
20 years ago, I did an experiment with junk food that taught me a lot. At a time in my life when I was a strict vegan / raw foods person, I had great difficulty digesting anything that was not locally grown, organic produce.  
One day, my guidance told me to drive through the fast food chain and order a burger, fries and milkshake. I resisted but finally did what that inner voice I trusted said to do. Sitting in the car, looking at that yucky food, I could feel stale oil going into the pores of my skin. Everything in me rebelled at having to put this into my body. Just the smell of it made me cringe.  
But I kept hearing in my head the word "consciousness.” So I tried to consider the consciousness of that food. I began to talk myself into seeing the vibrational consciousness inside this food. Underneath all the pesticides and chemical depletion, was there actually something that could be nourishing?  
I began to talk to the food, talk to myself, as if inside this food was actually a wonderful source-inspired vibration. The iceberg lettuce had been grown by loving hands... it pulled in nutrients from the sun and all the elements. The buns came from fields of wheat saturated with nature's minerals. Gratitude to the animals, from whose body came the burger, filled me. On and on I went until I truly began to feel the vibrational presence that transcended the physical matter. I saw it, and felt it.  
In ten minutes, the meal transformed itself into a universal benevolence of light and well-being. Then as I ate, the vibration grew and grew. I felt oneness with all of reality, that the universe was supporting me in all possible ways, even in food that from the surface looked sadly lacking.  
The reframing so uplifted and elevated my whole being that I stayed that way for hours, even after eating, what on the surface, was complete junk.
I have so many clients who are having difficulty with food... needing to control this or limit that or insert this or or or.... If they could see food not as just the biologic stuff of calories and food groups or how their body is shaped, but instead see/feel/sense the vibration of benevolence inside it... what a food truly offers,  it just might help them rise above the material blocks. 
If you are inspired to try this with a meal of your own, start small. A beverage. A piece of  bread or vegetable. Use something you normally eat and experience its wider vibrational field as it enters your body.  Practice until you can feel the vibrational essence of anything you look at. Listen to your own inner sense of where it is safe for you to test the boundaries of belief. Run energy into the food, into your body, and into your life, and see what amazing things manifest.


Henri Rand Furgiuele

Quantum-Touch Practitioner
L1, L2, SG, SCH Instructor
L2 Instructor Trainer
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

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