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Using Quantum-Touch to Address Anxiety and Panic Attacks

The following story was submitted by Deborah Gair, Quantum-Touch Instructor and Brand Ambassador. It was written by one of her clients, Werner, about using Quantum-Touch to address anxiety and panic attacks that his son was experiencing for 17 years.

How often do we encounter miracles?

I for one have not had many such encounters in my life. That is until recently, where it seems to become a frequent occurrence.

But maybe I better start at the beginning. My son Matthew was suffering from a real problem, which originally, we called panic attacks. It came without any reason and resulted in heavy sweating and nausea, as well as freezing and having alternate cold and hot sensations.

Matthew started having these attacks when he was 17 years old. Very infrequent and not severe. However, he started also to experience depression, from which he has still not recovered. Now Matthew is 34 years old. So, we are talking about 17 years of suffering and no cure in sight. I cannot recall how many doctors and tests Matthew has been through, all without a solution, with the attacks becoming more severe and frequent.

About 6 years ago, I started to look for alternative solutions. It became my obsession to find solutions to help Matthew. It was a long journey, as I have no education in medicine and did not know where to start. Thanks to the internet I found all sorts of ways of how to cure panic attacks. From acupuncture to Rife frequencies, from Holland to the UK, light therapy combined with frequencies and precious stones to heart synchronization. I did not find a solution. But I learned a lot on the way. Two main factors appeared important. There was no definable cause for his panic attacks and also one odd thing was that his pulse reduced to 45 instead of increased, as is normal with panic attacks. Second none of the methods I found, including supplements, cured the problem; I was no closer to a solution than the Doctors.

But one thing became clear to me through all this research; we have currents that are connecting every cell in our body, confirming that there is energy running in us and through us. I became convinced that energy healing must be the only chance to help Matthew.

Well, once I started looking for energy healing, Quantum-Touch appeared in my research. I bought all the books from Richard Gordon and reading through them was a real eye opener. Next, I booked the Quantum-Touch Level 1 and Level 2 course with Deborah Gair. The first time I felt energy coming out of my palms was a miracle. It was unbelievable. But there was no need to believe anything. It was just happening.

I started applying what I learned on Matthew, who was more than a sceptic. He did not believe at all that energy can heal anything. “If it is not chemically based it cannot work.” And at the beginning the results where inconclusive. His attacks, which I have renamed sweating attacks, came less frequently, but they still came.

I did Quantum-Touch session on him for about a year, and I had some moments where I was not sure if this could work. At first, I concentrated on the sweating, whenever it occurred. Later, I thought, maybe the heart should be my focus for the attention and intention.

Deborah helped me a great deal by reinforcing the belief that it will work and that I should relax and not push too hard -- wanting to help but allowing the energy do its job and be content by transmitting it without any specific outcome in mind. It helped and though his attacks did not go away, they were less severe.

In December last year, we moved houses and the stress was gigantic for Matthew. Especially, since we moved into a smaller house and needed to eliminate unused things. His attacks where more severe and frequent than ever. So, by the end of January, I started to work on Matthew again. This time I had only one objective: Transmit as much of the life force energy as possible at the highest possible frequency.

Matthew was lying down on a massage table; I stood behind him my hands on each side of his head, with my Quantum-Touch pendent lying on his heart. The thought being, as I don’t know what causes these attacks, if the energy enters the brain and from there travels to wherever it needs to go, it will find the right areas in Matthew’s cell structure. The pendent helped increase the energy flow.

I transmitted 45 minutes each session, which we did every week. And now comes the miracle. After two sessions, Matthew did not have any attacks anymore. We repeated this exercise every week, and since then, Matthew is free of these attacks.

All I am asking for during each session is for the energy to be kind and go in every cell of Matthew’s body. I also try to think of nothing else but a healthy, happy Matthew. During the session I also repeat my gratitude to the life force energy that I am allowed to transmit with all my love. I am also trying to smile as often as possible by doing a simple 4 x 4 breath.

Now the second miracle is happening as Matthew slowly starts believing that energy healing, that Quantum-Touch, does work.

I am unbelievably grateful that my research has taken me to this amazing method of transmitting the energy that is always around us but is invisible until we learn how to use it.

Finally, I believe that Matthew’s depression will also get better as his life becomes normal again; if he can go out to see friends, have a social life without the fear of an attack out of nowhere.

My greatest thanks and love go to Deborah, without whom I would never have been able to achieve this… well …. miracle.

~ Werner from Switzerland

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