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Transforming Childhood Trauma Through the Power of Quantum-Touch

By Amie Hope Thomas, M.S.

May 23, 2024

When we experience things that shake us to our core when we are a child, feelings of dread and being helpless usually radiate through our little bodies. We cannot comprehend energetically what is becoming stored deep within us or how these things seemingly haunt us at very unfortunate times.

I became a Licensed Professional Counselor and an EMDR Therapist to help children heal from things they felt could not be spoken. I was a counselor until the end of 2022 and then retired my license because I decided I wanted to pursue being a Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner full time. I wanted children to be able to experience Quantum-Touch in a way that could radically shift and change the trajectory of their lives. I wanted to let children know about the divine help from above that is always watching over them, and how their inner healer wants nothing more but to help them be WHOLE. I knew that was the direction I wanted to go with my 10+ years of experience in the field of mental health, and I haven’t looked back since!

Let’s get started with some of the main signs of childhood trauma…

5 Signs of Childhood Trauma

  1. Dissociation
  2. In short, dissociation is when we feel disconnected from our body or in a dream like state. I do emotional grounding techniques with clients to help them cope when triggers arise that may cause their body to feel unsafe and disconnected. Some examples of emotional grounding techniques include sour candy, lemons, pickles, etc. or putting something cold on your chest which activates your vagus nerve and helps your nervous system relax. Emotional grounding techniques help our brain go back to the prefrontal cortex (thinking part) of your brain if it is stuck in the amygdala (fear part) of your brain.

    Here is an example of an emotional grounding technique that I regularly encourage clients to do. All you will need is a lemon!

    Step 1 - Get a lemon and take a bite.
    Step 2 -Notice the taste, the texture, and the smell.
    Step 3 - Take 3 BIG deep breaths.
    Step 4 - Name something you can see (e.g. picture on wall), smell (e.g. candle), and hear (e.g. air conditioner).

    Lemons and anything sour can definitely help us come back to the present moment and feel safer in our bodies.

  3. Flashbacks
  4. A flashback occurs when our brain and body feel like it is reliving a traumatic experience from the past. Parents have told me they feel helpless and overwhelmed when witnessing their child experience flashbacks. I always encourage parents to do an emotional grounding technique with their child at the first sign of a flashback episode.

  5. Nightmares and Night Terrors
  6. We have all had nightmares from time to time. However, most do not know what a night terror is. A night terror is when we may have our eyes open (while still asleep), but we are screaming and crying as our brain is remembering something traumatic. During this time, we are experiencing a heightened state of anxiety. When I worked in foster care and had children that would experience night terrors, I would gently place a cold washcloth on their face and neck and hug and rock them until they woke up.

  7. Depression and Anxiety
  8. Trauma is anything that overwhelms one’s ability to cope. With that being said, many people experience depression and anxiety. When a child develops depression, they may lose interest in everything that used to bring them joy. When experiencing both anxiety and depression, it may not only be debilitating to the child, but also to the parent. As much as the parent may want their child to just “snap out of it,” that is sadly not the reality of how things work. Some things I have witnessed being a great help for children that have anxiety is weighted blankets, essential oil necklaces/bracelets to wear, and having fidget toys they can play with and hold.

  9. Eating Disorders
  10. Contrary to popular belief, an eating disorder is not a choice and is a very deadly mental illness. Many have a predisposition for an eating disorder. Eating disorders are also highly genetic based. An eating disorder is an illness where the person is emotionally, physically, and psychologically taken over by very disturbing thoughts that dictate their eating behaviors. One of the main things I specialized in as a counselor was eating disorders. That is still something I specialize in when doing Quantum-Touch sessions with clients. The energy behind an eating disorder is very depleting and full of disharmony. I love being able to help clients heal the relationship between food and their bodies.

But what if I am an adult and I am now remembering everything traumatic from my childhood…

I hear you! If you are reading this article and realizing for the first time that maybe your childhood wasn’t as picture perfect as you thought, I am here to help you as well. I help adults on a regular basis overcome the things that very much haunted them in their childhood. Sometimes the horrible things from childhood don’t consciously surface in our mind until we are an adult. Why is this? Well, it is because our body does everything it can do to protect itself when feeling threatened. This may mean your body has pushed down the trauma so deep that it does not come up until you are 50 years old. When childhood trauma surfaces, it can feel as if a dam has broken in a river and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. It can feel completely overwhelming and may bring on the very same feelings you had as a child when experiencing the trauma.

Quantum-Touch Inner Child Healing

When that is the case, we can run energy through the version of you that experienced all of the scary and life altering events. We can reach that version of you without having to relive anything from the past. We can allow that version of you to feel whatever they need to feel, say whatever they need to say, and we can set them free where they no longer emotionally hijack your adult self. It is truly remarkable how inner child healing through Quantum-Touch can shift just about anything.

Healing from childhood trauma can feel exhausting to the body…

Which is why it is important for you to allow your body to REST. Energy can shift quickly and sometimes we need to have compassion for our body because it has to catch up to the amazing shift that happened during a Quantum-Touch session!

Things That are Necessary While Healing

  1. REST - Whether it is you helping your child heal, or you are helping yourself heal…REST is nonnegotiable. Our body has to have time to relax and be in a state of stillness for at least 30 minutes each day when you are awake.
  2. COMPASSION - Have the same compassion for yourself that you would for a child that has been through trauma. You wouldn’t invalidate a child’s traumatic experience so stop invalidating yours!
  3. EAT - It is so important that our body has enough energy to process through everything it is while doing Quantum-Touch healing. Carbohydrates are very important as well as having enough electrolytes. I always tell clients that our bodies have to be nourished to feel safe enough to heal.
  4. HAVE FUN - Play with your kids! Go swing in a park by yourself! Do something that brings you and/or your inner child joy. This helps your body to become more relaxed and carefree in your journey.
  5. SUPPORT - Surround yourself with at least 3 people who are loving to you. Create your own family. Your biological family does not have to know anything about your healing if they are not safe. You do not owe anyone an explanation and you do not have to feel guilt for moving on or cutting your own biological family out of your life. Your trauma is valid. You experienced horrible things. Telling yourself “it wasn’t that bad,” would be like telling someone that drowned in 5 feet of water “it wasn’t that deep, I don’t know why you drowned.”

I believe in a person’s ability to become WHOLE.

I know I’ve used the word “healing “a whole lot in this article and I want to emphasize that when I say “healing” I mean WHOLENESS. Healing looks different for everyone and sometimes the healing that happens is on an emotional level and not a physical one. What do we do when the cancer doesn’t go away? When the sweet child dies and leaves their parents to grieve the loss of someone they should have outlived. We allow ourselves to feel the pain. We ask for help. Our body takes inward what is not processed outwards. We make sure things get processed and shifted. There are no words that can even begin to describe how a parent feels after losing a child. Quantum-Touch can help the body have a language for the grief as the trauma is being shifted and transformed.

Every child has a story, and Every adult has an inner child…

How remarkable would it be if we didn’t allow the past to bleed into our present? If we didn’t attach to people that are the spitting image of the ones that abused us? We don’t mean to do these things, but subconsciously and energetically it seems to happen more often than not. Through Quantum-Touch we can lessen these cycles and manifest miracles. You deserve a miracle and when working with divine guidance, I see wonderful miracles happen all the time! An example of a miracle could be a flashback that has haunted a child for years finally stopping. We all have divine higher guidance that does incredible work when invoked. We all have the innate ability to become WHOLE.

In being truly seen and heard I believe that vulnerability has a safe home…

I am here to help your children. I’m also here to help you! I am here to help transform and shift the generational ties that seem to keep repeating in your family. You don’t have to do this alone.

Why I do what I do…

I do what I do for the little girl you see in the picture (me when I was 3 years old), and for other little ones that need to know their Angels are nearby. I help people who are dealing with things they feel they cannot speak about. Things that are energetically unseen. Things that cause disharmony and dread. If you “know” … you know what I mean. I have a feeling if you have read my article to this point you may know what I mean.

I did not have an easy childhood and everything I’ve written above I’ve applied to my own life. Quantum-Touch and my divine higher guidance has changed my life and that is why I am so passionate about helping others. Especially little ones. I have become WHOLE in ways that I never thought I deserved to be. Can you relate to that sentence? Sometimes we experienced things so awful that the only thing we can do to cope is to turn the blame inwards. We tell ourselves that we need to “feel guilty,” and what we endured was “our fault.” Well that simply is NOT TRUE! You are LIGHT. You are LOVE. You are ACCEPTED. You can be WHOLE.

Holding the light for you…

Sometimes that is all we need. Someone to hold the light for us. Your divine team of higher guidance will hold the light for you as you start your journey to become WHOLE. Your child’s divine team will do the same for them. Allow yourself to put down the weight of “solving” and “fixing.” Start ALLOWING Love and Light to seep into the spaces where you feel cracked. The journey might not be easy, but it will be worth it. There is so much provision and grace for you. Next year at this time you can reflect back on the moment you decided you were ready to transform your childhood trauma through the power of Quantum-Touch.

May the Light hold you and keep you warm,

Amie Hope

Quantum-Touch Practitioner
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