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Using Quantum-Touch on a Goat

Namaste Dear Quantum-Touch Brothers and Sisters,

I am encouraged to share an experience that shifted my paradigm. My name is Deppyka Lightheart and I began the Quantum-Touch journey with Randy Zonnis doing both Level 1 and Super Charging. Tyler Odysseus got me back on the Quantum-Touch train with his free webinars and helped me accept energy perception experiences as normal.

Richard Gordon inspired me and continues to do so. I had the opportunity to take his Shift Network webinars. Presently, Deborah Gair (Deeya Siddhi) is mentoring a group of her students (I retook Level 1 with her) with monthly and bi-monthly meditations and experience gatherings. I humbly bow to all my teachers who have guided through the veil of illusion to a field of all possibilities and potentialities.

The Goat

I am currently residing in Nepal where I had the opportunity to volunteer at a farm-stay. In doing the daily rounds with the mother of the farm, I discovered a goat laying in the animal pen with a bandaged front legs and chickens perched on her, pecking away. The farm mother had been hand-feeding and giving her water for over a month. She would pick her up and move her to a clean and soft area of hay.

I was immediately drawn to do Quantum-Touch. I ran energy for about 5 minutes before the mother wanted to close the pen and move on. 

That evening I was meeting with Deeya's Quantum-Touch group online. I mentioned the goat and they said they would send energy and Deeya also asked me to send a picture.

The next day the father of the farm was able to stand the goat up. I sent energy for about 5 minutes, completely surrendering to the Life Force Energy as instructed by Deeya. That evening I sent a picture to my group.

Two days later, I witnessed the goat in the field grazing and running down a hill! “Normicals.” This was a paradigm shift for me. I am grateful to my Quantum-Touch group and divine Deeya whose explicit trust in the Quantum field as a field of all possibilities and potentiality is continually demonstrated in her unwavering guidance.

The mother of the farm simply said, "Bhagavan" which can be translated as, "All gratitude to the Infinite Creative Power of the Universe and Beyond.”

Deppyka, Quantum-Touch Enthusiast

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