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Quantum-Touch...A Joy to the World by Terry Negri

Quantum-Touch...A Joy to the World by Terry Negri

Imagine one day being asked to pick up a newborn baby for the weekend until suitable placement is found. Give from the heart we ve learned, so our trip to the hospital began nearly two years ago. Yes, there were many questions and concerns on my part about the baby, but my wife knew what was needed of us, and that was that. Teddy (not his real name) was born nearly three months early and was being released after two weeks in the hospital. Prenatal exposure to alcohol and drugs was his earliest beginning, and just maybe his survivor spirit facilitated the premature birth.

Imagine seeing Teddy, in a somewhat reclined position, all wired up to monitors, being checked for another hour in this position to see if he can survive the ride home. My eyes were large, and wet, as I tried to grasp the tiny size of him. His palms were thumbnail size, his eyes tightly shut, as they would be for another two months, and his little bottom could fit into my hand. His tiny limbs were hungry for muscle, waiting for the tissue growth to catch up with the skin size, like a body suit three sizes too large. There is not much limb movement at this time as I ve seen with many other newborns. In my earlier student days I saw a child larger than he preserved in a lab jar, as horrific as it was, and that image now flashed before me, still there after 30-some years.

Now enter Quantum-Touch, and all the heart centered healing, in a much-needed capacity for this little guy. Never in the thousands of people I have worked with and taught since adding Quantum-Touch to our healing modalities three years ago have I seen a greater need and sense of urgency. And so it began, an incredible journey of discovery and observation, of concern and wonderment. Constantly held for the first month, fed every hour by helping him move his undeveloped mouth muscles for sucking, his and our transformation began. Everyone, you see, in our home, all the children, use Quantum Touch, and so every hold and feeding, every rock and cuddle time was purposefully infused with love and the healing work of Quantum-Touch.

Teddys developmental path is remarkable, joy centered and full of laughter. He never cried in our home for three months, only beginning during his three-month doctor checkup and shots. The crying began after the second shot, though turned off like a light switch when I place my hand on his chest. Many stories I now share in lectures and workshops across the country of the laugh moments and developmental changes we get to experience on a daily basis. At 14 months of age he went through a rather long evaluative process by the state to determine any special needs at the time. He met or exceeded all cognitive and motor skill tests for his age. Two years later he is still with us. Maybe suitable placement was really known from the beginning.

Imagine what Quantum-Touch might do for you, your loved ones, or someone you know in need? One belief I often share with students is to know no limits, which is what I know.

Terry has studied alternative forms of healing over 15 years. He was one of the first certified practitioners of Quantum-Touch, learning personally from Richard Gordon, the internationally renowned founder of Quantum-Touch and author of Quantum-Touch: The Power To Heal and the best-selling Your Healing Hands “ The Polarity Experience (now in nine languages). Today, Terry shares the healing modality of Quantum-Touch as a certified instructor and practitioner throughout the country. He maintains an integrated practice utilizing Quantum-Touch, along with other bioenergetic modalities and nutritional supplements to help facilitate clients toward a healthier and balanced lifestyle. 

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