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Sharp: Quantum Touch Helps People Heal Themselves

Sharp: Quantum Touch Helps People Heal Themselves

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Erie Times-News Neighbors Supplement, Friday 9th March 2007

MEADVILLE “ Rob Sharps life changed with a question handed to him during a religious gathering two decades ago in his native Australia. Written on a piece of paper with a blank line for his reply was, What is the purpose of your life? It put me on the spot. I had no idea, Sharp said. I thought maybe it was teaching. Id been doing that. He got a different answer from someone else there. I was told to ˜Go and heal.   Hes been doing that for the past year as a Quantum-Touch practitioner in Meadville. His results, patients say, are astounding.

Eries Rev. Jane Suprynowicz, herself a healer, said she was too close to the patient when her husband suffered what doctors diagnosed as a heart attack in January. Rob came in and gave him some healing and there was a dramatic turnaround for the better, she said. I tribute Rob as the catalyst in that. Saegertowns Mary Lee McQuiston, 70, credits Sharp with minimizing her Parkinsons Disease. The work that he does just seems to relax whatever it is that happens with Parkinsons, McQuiston said. It eases that constriction. Its a relaxing experience. Im able to walk normally afterwards.

Quantum-Touch gathers and focuses energy “ much like a laser “ to heal. A better way to describe it, Sharp said, might be that he is able to raise his energy, or vibration, to raise someone elses vibration for healing. When theres a piano and a guitar in the same room and you whack a G on the piano, the G string on the guitar will start to vibrate, Sharp said. Its like walking into a room where someone is really, ecstatically happy. It brings you up to a different vibration. Its the same thing with healing, he said. Tissue, muscle or organ vibrates at a lower frequency with disease. Quantum-Touch raises that frequency for healing.

The question handed to him on a piece of paper so many years ago inspired Sharp to study Reiki and other forms of healing before friends introduced him to Quantum-Touch. Since then, hes taken a number of classes to learn the breathing technique that he believes helps him to run energy to heal. Hes now certified by Quantum-Touch to teach the method besides. He plans weekend classes in June and September in Meadville, where hes lived for five years with his wife, Michelle, who owns the Everybodys thrift store. Hell also lead a class in his native Melbourne this fall.

Sharp does not claim to heal. He helps the body heal itself, he said. If you cut your finger, it heals with no medical intervention, Sharp said. Quantum-Touch helps the body to heal itself. It speeds healing.   Sharp doesnt discount medical intervention. What I do complements what doctors do, he said. McQuiston agrees with that view. What Rob does certainly isnt a cure for Parkinsons “ I wish it was. But equally certainly, I feel more relaxed afterwards. And that means a lot.

Sharp is aware that many consider Quantum-Touch healing so much hocus pocus. Where theres smoke, theres fire, he said. And theres a lot of smoke out there when you read and hear what Quantum-Touch has done.

Rob Sharp is a certified Quantum-Touch Instructor.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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