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Quantum-Touch Arrives in Venezuela!

Quantum-Touch Arrives in Venezuela

Fe Bailey, Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor brings Quantum-Touch to the latin community. Her wish is to bring QT to the spanish speaking communities.

On November 3rd and 4th she taught the Basic QT workshop in Caracas-Venezuela - for the very first time ever!!! She had 26 students of all kind: Quiropractic, pediatric, homeopaths, acupunturis, accountants, web designers, coaches, people that have been working with energy for over 30 years, regular people, and even 2 kids a boy of 8 and a girl of 11.

The workshop was very special experience and she is looking forward to returning to Venezuela to teach more workshops!

Fe and her husband Daniel Bailey created a inspiring and beautiful video slide show of the workshop. I personally felt very touched by the love gratitude I feel coming from this video and the message we are promoting through Quantum-Touch - " Your Love Truly Matters."

Jennifer Taylor
CEO Quantum-Touch, Inc.

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