Moving Beyond Limitations

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This is an Ambassador workshop, created and taught by Dr. Judit Povall. It is sponsored by Quantum-Touch, Inc., but it is not part of the official Quantum-Touch curriculum. Participation in this class does not count toward practitioner or instructor certification.

Our perception about reality is based on how we experience living it as a Human in a seemingly very physical existence.

But what happens if we start expanding our consciousness beyond this?

Maybe you have heard of exceptional people whose very presence is enough to bring about transformation.  Can anyone tap into this state of being? And if so, how can we do this consciously?

It IS possible for everyone to be able to tap into this state of Beingness.

We can push our limits further and further to tap into the Infinite.

We can get to the state where our boundaries dissolve in order to realize what Oneness really means.

With a wide range of exercises designed to explore and experience expanded reality, Gateway to the Infinite is a deeply experiential and exciting workshop.

Please note: Before you can attend a Gateway to the Infinite workshop, you must successfully complete both a  Level 1 and Level 2 Quantum-Touch workshop.

What You Will Learn

Expand your Consciousness beyond the physical.

Experience reality from the Energy point of view.

Deepen and expand your Presence.

Connect using Conscious Entanglement.

Tune into the State of Love.

Develop your Super-Senses.

Inspiring Words from Students

“Attending Gateway to the Infinite was the best decision of my heart. I was there without expectations. Just to simply experience how we can be One with everyone in the Energy field, and overcome the deception of the physical reality. This course was my awakening: a journey to the Infinite, to my infinite-self.”


“Participating in the Gateway to the Infinite workshop was a real breakthrough for me. Since then, I am fully aware of the Energy flow everywhere. I can also effortlessly tune into the State of Love where I can help others. My rational mind still questions this whole new reality, but the shift that is a result of the course is unstoppable.”


“I used to be someone who was full of stress and worries. I was impatient, wanted everything right now! I was always tense. And then everything took a massive turn after I met you. I am (as is everyone around me) amazed how everything is working out for me. On many occasions, life has offered unimaginable solutions and the ‘impossible’ shows up almost every day in my life.

Seeing myself from outside, from the Energy’s point of view is quite normal for me now. I see what happens to me and why. It gives me assurance that being 100% responsible about my life is a great thing. My consciousness is vastly expanded. I am very grateful that you showed me the Gateway to the Infinite path.”


“Why do I recommend this course? Because you will learn how to connect with others to the point where you feel that you are sisters or brothers. As if you have always known them.

You can also discover a new depth of connection to your inner being and how to start listening to it. After this workshop synchronicity will become your reality, you will live in the Flow. And magically, all your wishes start to come true!

You will feel that the Universe hears you and your desires, and it is going to deliver them by a series of “coincidences”. I absolutely love living in this State and I wish the same to everyone.”


“The best experience of the workshop? When the whole group connected in the State of Love the Infinite Universe showed itself to me. Or when 4 of us connected via Conscious Entanglement and I felt Oneness.”


“Loved this Workshop.”

Jennifer Taylor

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