Healing Circle

Quantum-Touch Healing Circles provide an opportunity for QT Workshop graduates to give or receive energy and to accumulate hours to become a certified practitioner. For those new to QT, the Healing Circle is a great opportunity to receive a QT session! The QT Healing Circle creates a loving, supportive healing environment and a forum to share Quantum-Touch insights.

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Healing Circle Benefits

Quantum-Touch healing circles are an opportunity for people who have taken Quantum-Touch workshops to practice the Quantum-Touch techniques.

Everyone receives personalized energy from the group, and we also send energy as a group to the earth, or places / people in need of energetic support.

You can ask questions about Quantum-Touch techniques, and get feedback on your progress. And you can use these hours when documenting hours for practitioner certification.

Experience a taste of Quantum-Touch

Exchange sessions with other Quantum-Touch Graduates

Become a Certified Practitioner

Use the Healing Circle Hours towards becoming a certified practitioner.

Meet other people in the Quantum-Touch Community


Inspiring Words from Students

“I have been looking for this healing method for a very long time. It was everything I expected and much more.”

Ute Maria Cedilla

“Quantum-Touch has to be one of the greatest experiences of my life.”

Brad Nymeyer Vancouver, WA

“Powerful yet so basic. Its beauty is in its simplicity. You get an immediate feedback. Whether you’re giving or receiving, it feels great. The workshop was a warm and nurturing environment. I felt connected to everyone.”

Linda Nozicka

“I recommend Quantum-Touch to anyone who wants to know the intrinsic power they possess to help heal themselves and others.”

Dr. Eileen M. Wright, M.D.

“Quantum-Touch is a remarkably effective and easily learned method of generating powerful healing energy.”

Dr. William S. Eidelman, M.D.

“Quantum-Touch is a powerful hands-on healing technique that can be used effectively by lay people as well as professionals. I highly recommend it”

Dr. Patricia Warkus, M.D.

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