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Julie Steele

Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Holistic Life Coach


Georgia, 30188
United States

Contact Information


[email protected]

My greatest passion is helping people live high quality, joyful and pain-free lives.

I hold certifications in Quantum-Touch, Holistic Life Coaching and Public Speaking. Also, I am an Ordained Minister, group leader and seminar leader. Some of my training includes The Science of Medical Intuition, Sacred Contracts and Bio-Energy Spiritual Healing. Having vanquished cancer, other physical challenges and life threatening surgery; I understand the journey that you may be going through to recover your health.

Quantum-Touch continues to be my chosen way to assist you with your physical healing. Each session is unique and in most sessions intuitive information is provided for your healing. You are a magnificent creation with the ability to heal yourself. One of my favorite sayings is "You're the healer. I'm the coach!" I encourage you to rediscover your inherent state of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Please contact me to learn more about Quantum-Touch, Holistic Life Coaching or other personal and group workshops. I'll be delighted to talk with you and work with you. I am available in person and for distant healing work.

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