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Jodie Cruz

Quantum Touch Practitioner


EnergyFlow Healing

Kailua Oahu
Hawaii, 96734
United States

Contact Information


1 808 226 6773


[email protected]



A compassionate and intuitive healer, Jodie Cruz has dedicated her life and career to helping others move past vibrational roadblocks to achieving greater happiness and health. Her work as a certified Quantum Touch Practitioner has allowed her to work with both people and animals with great success while harnessing the power of energy. Her experience spans more than a decade of utilizing the collective power of frequency and consciousness to bring physical, emotional, and spiritual balance to both the two and four-legged clients she serves.

Native to Australia, Jodie’s work is rooted in a strong belief that all of earth’s precious creatures are interconnected through a harmonious structure of energy—each in its own way. She first began practicing Quantum Touch while serving for 17 years as a zookeeper. Helping some of Australia’s most diverse wildlife proved invaluable to Jodie’s path, enabling her to truly hone her skills.  Building on her connection to all living beings, Jodie decided to extend her service to people. Since that time, she has supported countless humans and animals to break past energetic densities, obtain untapped healing potential, discover inner truths, and cultivate newfound happiness.

Today, Jodie welcomes new opportunities to connect with all species in a safe, secure, and trusted environment. Her genuine passion and warm-hearted approach continue to open doors for all to peacefully unlock permanent healing results. No matter the challenge at hand, Jodie can help you reveal the power within to realign and rediscover your own energies, as well as the energies around you to manifest into your highest vibrational, connected selves.

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