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Jeff Wiley


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If you live if in the greater Everett-Seattle-Tacoma area, I can help your harness your healing with Quantum Touch!  I am so glad you’re here!

The healing power of the human body is strong. Imagine your body on a cellular level:  each time you’ve had an injury in your life, your cells sound the rallying cry and rush to heal you! When this incredible healing capacity is boosted with the power of Quantum Touch, you’ll be amazed.

A casual Quantum Touch user since 2014, I was spurred to pursue this full time after seeing the effects of over-prescription of opioids for pain management. What if you could help your body heal injury (often in less time and with less need for pain medication)? What if relief from the ‘normal’ aches and pains that come with age could be possible? 

When Quantum Touch becomes a regular option in your life, a healthier happier life is within reach.

I have personally seen Quantum Touch give people their lives back. It’s a profound experience to watch, especially if they’ve lived with the pain for a long time. After most sessions, my clients will start to move and stand up, then move the affected area with an expression of disbelief on their face. They can’t believe the pain is gone!

Try it and see what happens.

I look forward to working with you soon!

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