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Lisa Rapino

Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner


EDR Energy Healing


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[email protected]

Hello.. My name is Lisa Rapino!

I fluently speak 3 languages (English, French and Italian). I worked as a Registered Nursing Assistant for 5 years in Montreal, Quebec and 30 years as an All Occasion Planner and Floral Designer in Belleville, Ontario.

I was 8 ½ months pregnant with my first child when I experienced a life-threatening car accident. It was a “Miracle” that both my baby and I survived. Fortunately, I was able to bring the pregnancy to term. But it wasn’t until after her birth that I started to feel the repercussions from the accident.

I spent years suffering from chronic joint stiffness and swelling, hip and pelvic displacement, migraine headaches and depression.

I had met with countless healthcare professionals over the years with minimal results until I discovered Quantum-Touch (QT).

Quantum-Touch has truly transformed and enhance my quality of life. With all that I’ve experienced, my goal now is to help others also improve their overall quality of life within a short amount of time. Due to all the challenges of COVID19, I began virtual sessions and distant healing. This work has been rewarding in so many levels of my life. I call

Quantum-Touch “Miracle work”. My clients have progressed to better health with each session.

I believe that QT energy healing works miracles, in everyone who is lucky and willing to receive it. I’m looking forward to meeting you!


Certification Level

Quantum-Touch Practitioner (2020)

Sessions offered virtual and/ or distance healing.


Quantum-Touch Level 1    ( March 2020)

Quantum-Touch Level 2           ( April 2020)

Supercharge         ( April 2020)

QT Self Created Health   (March 2020)

Quantum-Touch Level ( Dec. 2019)

Quantum-Touch Level 1    ( Sept. 2019)

Feel free to contact me via email for more testimonials and any questions. Accepting new clients….. I’m looking forward to meeting you!



Really aware this morning, and yesterday as well, of how much stronger those lower abdominal muscles have become. Every time I stand up, I have this sense that my lower body has changed position, and that it is up several inches higher than it was previously. And of course, that creates a greater space for my bladder and has also increased the muscles of the bladder. This is so amazing, and I’ll going to write about it again in more detail on the QT FB site.  I’m wanting the world to know (particularly the world’s women) that they can have total bladder control for their entire lives without surgery… but rather by having Quantum-Touch Therapy sessions.
- Aileen McKenna (Ottawa, Ontario)

I have had 4 QT sessions with Lisa and I am really feeling the benefits of them. I had 3 car crashes in the space of 18 months a couple of years ago. I have suffered from whiplash, back problems and migraine since then. I have tried conventional medicine, physiotherapy & lots of different complementary therapies with little or temporary relief from the pain. I have gone from a level 8 pain to almost zero today after 4 sessions with Lisa. I highly recommend her. She is really good at what she does and is a pleasure to work with.
- Gillian M.(Ireland)

I am so excited about my progress with your energy healing treatments, that I wanted to take a few mins and share it with you. Before starting with you Lisa I suffered from Migraines that would last for days at a time, fatigue after doing little amounts of work like 20 mins to 1/2 hour, severe sensitivity to noise as well as my balance was not very good, and I also had the feeling of fluid in my ears. After receiving 5 treatments from Lisa I am so excited to share that my migraines have seemed to settle down. I now only have headaches that last for a day, day and a half. As opposed to being bedridden from migraines for days. I am also able to do longer periods of work like 2-3hours with the exception of computer work the longest I have been able to do is 1hr and 10mins without heightening symptoms. I still have noise sensitivity and cognitive memory and task issues. I know that will get better with time. With less fatigue, I find my balance has improved. I am so excited about all of my progress and want to thank you, Lisa, for taking on the energy healing process to help many. Prior to your treatment after the accident I had an acupuncture treatment, sacral cranial treatments, I see a naturopath and I did see a physiotherapist all of which I had short term results with no permanent healing, and on our first appointment Lisa you aligned my neck and shoulders which were out of line. With receiving all of these other sources of treatment I have not found as great of results as with the energy healing. This is amazing and I just want to share a little of my journey up to this point.
- Isabelle H. (Belleville, Ontario)

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