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Neda Yazdani

Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Certified Nuclear Medicin


Hope and Healing by Neda

United States

 As a skilled remote energy healer, I am eager to assist you in achieving your health and wellness goals. You have found your way to my page for a reason, and I invite you to schedule a consultation to determine if we are a good fit.


My journey to discovering my unique healing abilities was not without its challenges. Initially overwhelmed and uncertain, I eventually came to appreciate the power of my gift to bring physical and emotional healing to all living beings, including children, adults, pets, and plants.


My own life experiences have taught me the value of tapping into the divine force that can comfort and heal us, no matter what hardships we face. As a survivor of religious persecution, a revolution, and cancer, I understand the importance of finding balance and wholeness.


Through my training as a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Quantum Touch practitioner, I am able to channel universal healing energy to my clients, helping to clear trapped emotions and restore balance to the body. I specialize in addressing musculoskeletal pain, chronic illnesses, emotional healing, grief, anxiety, mental health, goal setting, relaxation, and assistance and support for important life events and projects.


My clients have experienced remarkable results, from the lifting of depression and chronic pain to the manifestation of desired outcomes. By tapping into the light and energy within us all, I can help you realign and heal. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Client Testimonials


Neda's energy healing sessions have been life-changing for many of her clients. D.C., a 25-year-old who used to suffer from daily headaches and severe migraines with nausea and vomiting, was initially skeptical about energy healing. However, after receiving a session from Neda, D.C. became a believer. Within just 30 minutes, Neda was able to relieve D.C.'s migraine pain from severe to mild and completely stop the nausea and vomiting. One hour after the session, D.C.'s pain was completely gone. Neda has also been working with D.C. on releasing trapped emotions using Emotion Code, which has significantly reduced D.C.'s headaches. D.C. is grateful to have their life back without daily headaches.


Another client who suffered from anxiety and depression shared that after working with Neda, it felt as if the cobwebs had been lifted. They felt lighter in their chest and shoulders and were even smiling. Neda's energy healing sessions have helped many clients overcome physical and emotional pain, leading to a happier and healthier life.

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