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Asha Carolyn Young

Quantum-Touch Practitioner


Asha Carolyn Young Energy Work

46200 Fish Rock Rd. Gualala
California, 95445
United States

Contact Information


707-380-6251 cell


[email protected]




Whether in-person or remote anywhere in the world, I welcome you to experience Quantum-Touch with me. Pets are welcome, too!


During sessions, I intuitively integrate Quantum-Touch modalities to direct life force energy to you through hands, breath, heart-field, sight, toning, and focused consideration. You relax and receive this energy, allowing your body and spirit to engage in healing.  


Courses in Quantum-Touch, decades of meditation, yoga, channeling, reading of a broad range of spiritual books, and association with many kinds of energy healers and spiritualists -- all inspired me to practice energy work to promote healing. My studies include:

·      Quantum-Touch courses: Q-T Level 1 (twice); Q-T Level 2; Supercharging; and "Energy Healing with Quantum-Touch with Richard Gordon," The Shift Network. 

·      “Yin” and “Wonder Method” healing modalities with Tyler Odysseus

·      Theravada Buddhist Samadhi meditation as learned in Thailand; and as taught by the late master, PhraDhammamongkolyarn (Luangphor Viriyang Sirintharo) via the Wellness Institute, Niagra Falls, Los Angeles, andBangkok

·      Laying-on-of-hands training with the late Joseph Martinez (San Francisco) 

·      Orin & Daben's audio course, "Awakening Your Light Body”

·      The Robert Monroe and Institute of Noetic Sciences retreat at Coos Bay, Oregon to facilitate out-of-body experiences

·      “A Course in Miracles” Workbook


·      College: B.A., History, University of California, Los Angeles; M.A., Cultural Anthropology, University of California,  Berkeley 


I grew up in Thailand, Laos, and on the west coast of the United States. I currently live in Gualala, California in the United States. My past professional life includes freelance writing and editing, teaching, indie publishing, and painting. Now my focus is helping you boost your healing and happiness!


To book an appointment, please call or text me at 707-380-6251; or email me at [email protected] .


With joy and love,








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