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Chaya Silberstein


United States

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[email protected]

My life changed in amazing ways when I first met Richard Gordon at a coffeeshop in Venice, CA, back in 2016. This is because, he introduced me to Quantum-Touch®. 

As a writer, I soon became editor of the Quantum-Touch weekly newsletter and here I am now. Meet Chaya, Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner.

I have facilitated Self Created Health online with Richard and edited his most recent book, Hacking the Law of Attraction for Effortless Manifestations (2021).

In addition, I have trained privately with Alain Herriot, founder of The Wonder Method,™ and I'm certified in this method as well.

I have worked with people struggling with physical pain, emotional pain, cancer, toothaches, brain injuries, respiratory illness, stress, relationships, etc.

If you'd like to book a session, feel free to contact me at [email protected].


What People Are Saying...

“Wow! I could feel Chaya massaging the panic.” - D.G.

“Chaya is blessed with the gift of holding presence for her clients and releasing stuck energy. She has helped me with physical pain, as well as trapped emotions that caused emotional pain. She is wise and doesn’t get caught in the drama of the stories we tell ourselves and through her presence is a reminder of being." - Hanna S.

"Chaya has a gift for leading you to a state of profound presence. Chaya gently and expertly guides you through the landscape of your own inner experience to restore a harmonious relationship to the world, both outside and in. Sessions leave me feeling alive and restored." - Kelley

“Chaya is my go-to when I feel like I’m stuck in a rut or motion has come to a standstill. After she offers her state, I find myself back in the flow and my original issue seems far more fluid. I often feel a sense of calm in the air that is quite noticeable. Chaya is incredibly efficient at offering change and if you have the chance to work with her I highly recommend that you do!” - Cody Lane

“Chaya held space for me to uncover the pattern from childhood that was keeping me stuck in a cycle of activating an old injury. The pain diminished significantly, and more importantly I am clear about the behaviors needed to avoid future harm. The sensations and awakening of presence during our session together is a rare and exceptional gift in this world.” - Ashley Hawkins

"How wonderful to walk around with this tool! To stay centered, no matter what's going on around us. There's a fearlessness in what Chaya does. It feels like a deep knowing that everything will be okay." - Dave B.

“Chaya’s sessions always make me tingle. She takes down pain. She helps me when my emotions are up and brings me to a place of calm centeredness. I would highly recommend Chaya’s sessions.” - TD

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