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Kim Condurso


Quantum Origins LLC

New Jersey, 08055
United States

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(856) 279-0102


[email protected]


Kim is a certified energy practitioner of Quantum Touch, Emotion Code, Reiki and GRACED. By releasing energy blockages in the body, the innate ability of the body to self-heal becomes possible. For more information about these modalities, go to https://quantumorigins.us 


Having recently retired from teaching Advanced Placement Chemistry for almost 30 years, Kim is a scientist to the core. Her relentless quest of curiosity has led her to find out how it is possible for one of the most fundamental of scientific principles, energy, to promote optimal wellness. Although its roots are ancient, science is now better able to explain how and why energy healing is so effective at improving the root cause of many physical and/or emotional ailments.

As it is imperative to care for our physical body, we must also attend to the needs of our energetic body. The premise of Energy healing is simple. Everything originates with energy. From the atoms that make up the Universe to our each and every thought and emotion, all things are energetic vibrations. In Kim’s practice, she helps you to raise your vibration in order to release “STUCK” energy so that the innate healing ability of the human body can take over.
Her personal discovery of energy medicine led her to retire early from a teaching career that she adored. She has heeded her calling to share this amazing modality with others who may be searching for a new avenue on their holistic journey to wellness. Although she has retired from teaching chemistry, she continues to be a scientist and a teacher at heart and she looks forward to the opportunity to work with you to teach you about how energy work can positively impact your life.
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